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It’s great to see the Darts World Cup happening amidst all the negativity being spewed around the world. Yes, I don’t think the world has ever had so many things going against it at the same time. Of course, I know I may be wrong but in my lifetime – this is maybe the worst year for most people. I’m quite lucky that in a way that being raised in Dubai – I have never felt the racial profiling that goes on in most countries. It definitely would be going on but I’ve had great groups of friends that have always veered away from it and I’m glad about to call them my friends.

Yes, this post will steer towards darts but right now it’s just about how depressing times are around us. I do try and see the greener side of things. I do know that I put up a face to uplift people or even myself. I do know that I don’t just give up and let things go. But, there is a limit to what can happen – you have people really suffering, you have lives ruined in the trenches of the COVID pandemic, you have minorities being profiled in ways that just do not make sense. All this happening, how? Because few people start talking about material things that belong to them when all that has happened is that they’ve inherited it from their forefathers?

C’mon everyone!! Why is common sense so uncommon? Why are we spewing hate? Am I equally guilty of not speaking out loud on atrocities that are happening? If I don’t speak out does that mean that I agree to what is transpiring? I don’t know – but I have my own opinions. If something affects me only then will I speak on it – till then why should I? I am not a political activist but I know what’s right and wrong and 99% of the time, that is enough.

With regards to my life – things rarely go as planned. Decisions I have made years ago keep getting back to haunt me – I’ll deal with them, not a problem. Things that I cannot deal with – I expect people who can deal with it to step up – are they? Nope. So, do I continue rolling over? Or do I make a stand?

In India, the COVID pandemic has brought most governments down to their knees. The people are suffering as they are in most affected places around the world. I stay in Dubai that has most definitely done a great job in handling this situation till date.

Back to darts – where India is unfortunately non-existent in the darting world. This of course is up to associations that have themselves been neglecting the game for years so they can fill their pockets – I don’t need to get into details on this since it’s known world over. Since November of last year – no tournaments have been run by the two lead organizations. Do you really think that India – the country that uses the 2nd most mobile phones in the world cannot play darts online? Cannot have a tournament online which almost everyone is doing nowadays – including the PDC? The issue is – that they will not make money out of it. Why take the time and effort to organize a tournament when you cannot get richer out of it? They have fallen of a cliff reputation wise but still – once, the restrictions on COVID lift – they will organize a tournament and most people would hail them as saviors. Sorry guys, you are nothing but opportunists – and even opportunists can be good but you aren’t that.

There are people that tell me – why do I talk bad of the Indian Associations – Simple – because they haven’t done anything good so far. I did send something through to the WDF – nothing has happened with regards to that as well. It’s funny but suddenly once you open your mouth then people start putting their hands up in defense when we actually do have physical proof against you. Why? It’s because you have money to pay off officials? You have garnered respects by paying off players and their families for other things? But this is darts right – so why do you get outside stuff into an argument? Just shows that you don’t know how to speak on topic. People blocked me when I started talking? Guys – I really don’t care about people who treat the sport like shit because I know what I’ve done to get to where I am I am not a World Champion, I am nowhere close – but with regards to me being a lion in my own backyard – that I freaking am and you can’t take that away from me. You are the same people who said – do not attend a World Cup or World Championship because us Indians do not average 105 like MVG or Gary Anderson. Look at that argument – save your money they say, what’s the use of going when you’re going to lose? While they are the same people who do not organize tournaments for years because they know that they will not make enough money out of it.

As of now – I haven’t received a reply from these two organizations but neither do I look forward to it. However, I have sent information to other bodies who still haven’t replied. Do I name and shame? I’d love to do that. Why? Because I actually do not have anything to lose. I play for India – where the first player who went to the World Championships went on a Wild Card. They weren’t the no.1 ranked player in the country – They had a passport and the money to travel for the tournament. I play for India – where they still take a so-called “International Player Fee” so that you become “eligible” to play any tournaments outside India (Or else they would ban you from the Association). I play for India – where no rules or regulations placed by international bodies are followed (And yes, they’re covered up in photos – don’t worry – I have proof in these allegations as well). I play for India – where till now, we do not receive sponsorships / support from the two lead associations (They say that we provide you with the opportunity to go there) – Further to that, there is a clause where they ask us for a share of the sponsorship amount as well!! I have proof for this as well (Notice the pattern).

So, how has this been going for so many years? You have kids in school – the representatives from the association going to the parents and telling them that they would have an opportunity to represent India in a World Cup or an Asia Pacific tournament. Which parent would not want to spend each and every little saving they have to provide their children with an opportunity to represent the country? People do not receive such chances in their whole lifetimes.

Yes – that’s the India I play for. It’s sad but that is a fact. The only reason I am not putting this up on Facebook as a post is because many people might not be able to see it due to restrictions. Hence, this is a blog post where you have a link and it will stay online. I will keep adding on to this whenever there are updates. So all those who have blocked me – go on reading. You know for a fact that I have enough proof on you all – slowly I will name and shame. Why? Because I’ve already told you about the India that I play for – What do I have to lose?


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