The future of Indian Darts

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I have played in the Indian Darts circuit for about 15 years. Not knowing that the sport even existed in India it came as a shock to me when I noticed that the Indian Nationals was being held in Kolkata in 2004. Thank you Orkut for at the time starting the wonderful journey of pot holes and deceit but also of garnering friendship and making me take the tough decision of a career change – it all started with that one post..
So today we sit with Indian Darts in disarray – If anyone tells you otherwise, please take a stapler and a rolling pin. I’ll let you do the rest – I have a vivid imagination..
With previous organisations being not only incompetent but also unprofessional with many people looking at benefits and personal bias – a majority of the darts players today stand united in the formation of the”Indian Darts Council”. It is truly a monumental day for us as now we can move on further and concentrate on just one thing – improving the standard of Indian Darts and everything that comes with it.
I face a unique problem which most do not and will not seem to understand. As you know darts is an individual sport but you will also know that it’s quite hard to get really good at darts without meaningful practice and playing against good opposition. I will have to fight for people who are competing against me and I will have to assist them in getting to be the best they can. There is no use of being the best when there is no competition. Do note that this undoubtedly varies when you are talking about world beaters and players who are just good in their own countries or states, etc. There is always a level higher and it leads to the PDC where the best of the best prove what they can do day in and out. I’m one of the lucky few who has gotten the chance to play against them and I do feel that it is very important that we keep competing to get better.
There was this funny analogy that we Indians need not participate on the PDC Asian Tour just because we as a country were blessed enough to get a PDC Indian Qualifier – Nothing but a load of crap because I firmly believe that the only reason I was good enough to win the Indian Qualifier in 2018 was because of my experience overseas in various tournaments.
There is way too much politics in a sport where we are yet to set our imprint on – something I really do not understand. There is way too much backlash and talk in a sport where people still go overseas and cannot cope with even against average or below average competition – something I again cannot understand.
Winning easy and getting the so called title of being no.1 and being part of a World Cup Team or whatever doesn’t help you if you are not good enough – it in fact is a reason that you should feel quite lowly of. Yes, you feel great representing the country but dont you feel weird that the best aren’t doing it and you are not even practicing enough to validate that?
Everyone has potential – some limited and some that have a ceiling unheard of. One of my favorite sports is basketball and yes I think Micheal Jordan and Lebron James are the greatest players in the history of the game but my favorite player is Kobe Bryant. There is something that he said that really hit me one time and it is something that I look at everyday on my phone.
“Outwork your potential”
It’s something I need to do. I am a lonely guy that has sacrificed quite a few things for this career that is very questionable to most learned folk out there – that’s all I can say.
So yes, if you think that you have reached your potential, you’re wrong. For a guy that was stagnant in the Indian Darting Circuit for about 10 years – I am a living example.
I welcome the inclusion of the Indian Darts Council – IDC, into the Indian Darting Circuit – Big things are coming soon. And to all those who still have their own affiliations to the other organisations here – All the best, just remember that I dont have anything against the players – but I can go on and on about your organisations. 🙂
P.S. – The Indian Darts Council is on Facebook – Like them…… if you want..

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