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The ON Cafe along with DJ’s Sports & Entertainment present to you the first ever Soft Tip Darts Tournament at Kolkata, India. With the world of Soft Tip Darts growing at a rapid pace around various parts of the world – The ON Cafe brings you a pristine VDarts Soft Tip board at their premise to not only practice on but to also play against darters around the globe. The tournament will be held from the June 8th to 10th, 2018 at the ON Cafe, Kolkata. For further details contact +919836457203. The Format of Play for the tournament will be a Best of 3 games – 501 / Cricket / Choice.

All the best to all participants!!




Haruki Muramatsu Vs Phil Taylor


Haruki wins the bull and started the Finals (Best of 7). Haruki took the 1st 701 Leg with consistent bull hitting. Phil Taylor fought back in the 2nd 701 Leg to take level the scoreline and 1-1. The 3rd Standard Cricket game saw Haruki putting pressure on Phil only to make a crucial error and give the advantage to Taylor who wouldn’t squander it for a 2-1 lead and more importantly a break of throw. In the 4th Standard Cricket Leg, Haruki took advantage of mediocre darts thrown by Phil Taylor to break back and tie the scoreline at 2-2. The 5th 701 Leg saw Haruki play nearly a perfect round and win the leg to take a 3-2 lead. In the 6th Standard Cricket Leg, Phil Taylor with the start fought back to win the leg in convincing fashion and push the match towards the decider leg. The decider leg saw Haruki win the crucial bull in a Standard Cricket leg to decide the winner of SUPER DARTS 2018. Haruki started off to a great start putting pressure on Taylor right away. Playing aggressive darts he went on to capture the leg and the crown of SUPER DARTS 2018 CHAMPION.


Semifinal – Match 1

Haruki Muramatsu Vs Paul Lim


Haruki Muramatsu won the bull in the first Semifinal match of SUPER DARTS 2018. In the 1st 701 leg, Muramatsu though erroneously missing the bull twice took advantage of Paul Lim’s missed dart to win the leg. The 2nd Standard Cricket leg saw Haruki miss crucial darts under pressure with Paul then capitalizing on them and taking the leg. In the 3rd Standard Cricket Leg, Haruki put up a clinical and display of accuracy and triple hitting to take the leg and lead 2-1. The 4th 701 Leg saw Paul Lim push the game to the last deciding leg with a steady display. The decider leg saw Paul Lim win the toss and start the Standard Cricket leg. Using the start to his advantage, Paul took a sizable scoring lead and used the cushion to proceed towards the finish, but a Haruki 9mark crucially put him in a position to snatch the leg from Paul and went on the hit a 4mark on the bull to snatch the match from Pauls grasp. Haruki will move on to the final of SUPER DARTS 2018 to face off against the winner of Shuchi Enokuma and Phil Taylor.

Semifinal – Match 2

Shuichi Enokuma Vs Phil Taylor


In the 2nd Semifinal match of the day – Shuichi Enokuma will be looking to continue his giant killing form against Phil “The Power” Taylor. Taylor won the bull and in the 1st 701 Leg again displayed his tremendous scoring power to take the leg. The 2nd Standard Cricket Leg saw Phil Taylor take apart Shuchi who made many mistakes under pressure and couldn’t find his rhythm throughout. In the 3rd Standard Cricket Leg, Phil Taylor continued to assert his dominance over Shuichi as he went on the comfortable victory and move on to the finals of SUPER DARTS 2018. He will face Haruki Muramatsu from Japan.

Quarter Final – Match 1

Chris Lim Vs Haruki Muramatsu


Haruki Muramatsu played like a man possessed as he rarely made an error to take the victory over Chris Lim with a 3-0 scoreline. With Chris winning the bull and starting the first 701 leg, Haruki took advantage of mistakes committed and played the perfect leg to break Chris. Haruki then dominated the next Standard Cricket Leg to take a 2-0 lead. In the 3rd Standard Cricket Leg, Haruki showed composure and coupled with accuracy punished Chris for a lackluster performance to win the match.

Quarter Final – Match 2

Jacques Labre Vs Paul Lim


Paul Lim won the bull and took the 1st 701 leg with several errors from Jacques Labre in comfortable fashion. In the 2nd Standard Cricket leg , both players committed quite few errors with Paul Lim displaying the experience under pressure and hitting the required darts to take the leg. In the 3rd Standard Cricket leg, Jacques Labre seemed to be hitting his stride with 2 9-mark rounds to steal the leg from Paul Lim. The 4th 701 Leg, Labre with a 134 avg to Paul’s 123 finished on D14 to take the game in to a decider. In the deciding game, Paul won the crucial bull and chose to start in a Standard Cricket Leg. He continued to take advantage of mistakes from Jacques to eventually take the leg comfortably in a match that saw both players seeming out of sorts.

Quarter Final – Match 3

Shuichi Enokuma Vs Boris Krcmar


In a match where the towering Croat was heavily favored against his Japanese competition, Shuichi Enokuma came up with maybe the upset of the tournament beating Boris Krcmar 3-0. Shuichi played almost perfect darts putting his opponent under pressure and capitalizing on mistakes by Boris to punish him. More wayward darts towards the end of the game saw Boris bow out of the tournament following a performance he wouldn’t be too satisfied with.

Quarterfinal – Match 4

Harith Lim Vs Phil Taylor


Harith Lim who won the bull, took the 1st 701 leg against Phil “The Power” Taylor with consistent bull hitting. The 2nd Standard Cricket Leg saw Phil get into his groove and assert his dominance with a strong leg. In the 3rd Standard Cricket leg, Phil once again threw some power darts to break his opponent for a 2-1 lead. In the 4th 701 leg, Phil Taylor displayed his well renowned accuracy on the bulls to take the leg and match 3-1.


Match 1

Keita Ono Vs Chris Lim


Defending champion Keita Ono was upset by Chris Lim 3-1. With Chris Lim winning the bull and starting the 701 game, all games went with throw till the 4th leg 701. Keita here having the start committed errors towards the end and allowed Chris to get some skin in the game. With Chris missing D18 for the match, Keita had left himself with 41 and missed two darts on D16 to put the game into a decider. Chris Lim then got back to finish the D18 and with that send the defending champion crashing out of the competition.

Match 2

Hsu Tzu Sheng Vs Haruki Muramatsu


Hsu Tzu Sheng who started playing darts only 2 years ago let the inexperience show on the big stage against one of his idols in the game Haruki Muramatsu. Sheng just couldnt get into a rhythm throughout the game allowing Haruki to claim a comfortable 3-0 victory.

Match 3

Mikuru Suzuki Vs Jacques Labre


In a historical match – Mikuru Suzuki takes on Jacques Labre as the first Woman to take part at the SUPER DARTS tournament. Mikuru took the 1st leg 701 with an amazing 113 finish on D12 with Jacques sitting on 70. Labre then fought back to take the next 3 legs on the trot and with it the match. We hope Mikuru makes it next year as she showed that she isn’t a player to be trifled with.

Match 4

Shingo Enomata Vs Paul Lim


Paul Lim wins 3-1 with a clinical display against Shingo Enomata – despite losing the first leg. The first leg 701 saw Shingo commit almost no errors as he took the leg on his throw. Paul then exerted him dominance in the cricket formats and took the final 701 for the match with relative ease.

Match 5

Shuichi Enokuma Vs Royden Lam


In maybe the most balanced game of the day – both Shuichi and Royden played with limited errors in a nail-biting game that boiled down errors made by Royden and Shuichi making the most of it. Breaking Royden in the 3rd leg Cricket Shuchi rarely made a mistake to take the 701 and match with a 3-1 scoreline.

Match 6

Tan Jenn Ming Vs Boris Krcmar


Tan Jenn Ming – playing for the first time in an international tournament – gave Boris Krcmar all he had to take it to the final decider unfortunately losing it to the high scoring and spectacular accuracy of Boris Krcmar. In a game of totally different styles Tan Jenn Ming with his slow and calculated throw made all of his darts count against the rapid slinging Croat. With Boris playing very aggressive darts it took all Tan could muster eventually falling in the final deciding leg.

Match 7

Seigo Asada Vs Harith Lim


Harith Lim advances to the next round with a 3-1 win over Seigo Asada. With Harith focused and composed throughout Asada seemed to have a few problems with the lighting and allowed it to affect his game.

Match 8

Alex Reyes Vs Phil Taylor


Phil Taylor showed us that he is a force to be reckoned with the Soft Tips world as well with a 3-1 dismantling of Alex Reyes. Alex who actually played a wonderful game was totally outmatched by the 16 time world champions accuracy and combination hitting.

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Player Profiles

Keita Ono – Japan

SUPER DARTS 2017 Winner Keita Ono astonished darts fans across the world with his precision in hitting Bulls and outstanding concentration skill. He will look to defend his title among a very strong field of players this year.

Shingo Enomata – Japan

Shingo Enomata ranked 3rd in the Annual Ranking of JAPAN 2017 and earned his spot in SUPER DARTS 2018. He coincidentally did not win a single title in 2017 and still managed to a spot in the top three standing – through that showing he can maintain the skill, strength and consistency that are required in a leading player.

Alex Reyes – USA

Ranking 3rd in the 2017 season, Alex Reyes earned his spot on the SUPER DARTS 2018 roster. For  someone with only 7 years of experience in the game, we sure hope he still a lot more brilliance to show us.

Boris Krcmar – Croatia

Boris Krcmar was ranked 1st place in both THE WORLD 2014 and 2015 annual rankings. The Croat player secured the 4th place in THE WORLD 2017 annual ranking and earned the spot in SUPER DARTS 2018. Always regarded to be a tough outing, Boris hopes to let go off the disappointment of losing in the first round last year with winning the SUPER DARTS title this year.

Chris Lim – USA

The son of Asian darting legend – Paul Lim, Chris looks to step out of his father’s shadow and show the world what his father has seen in him all along – that he is talented darts player and possesses a strong will to win.

Harith Lim – Singapore

Being ranked 5th in THE WORLD Annual Ranking has been Hariths best record so far. However, representing Singapore and being paired with Paul Lim at the 2017 World Cup of Darts saw them upset a heavily favored Scottish team with a very strong showing. Will 2018 bear more fruit? His current form shows it will be.

Haruki Muramatsu – Japan

Haruki Muramatsu has kept posting excellent results in big tournaments across the world. In December 2017, Muramatsu participated in SOFTDARTS WORLD CUP 2017 as a member of the team representing Japan and contributed tremendously to them winning. Be assured of a strong performance from him as always.

Hsu Tzy Sheng – Taiwan

Hsu Tzu Sheng started to play darts only 2 years ago and already to his credit became the CHAMPION of TAIWAN PRO EXTRA STAGE. Here is a quick learner that is keen on causing upsets in the tournament.

Jacques Labre – France

Jacques Labre is the champion of FRANCE DARTS INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2017, which was held in June 2017. He thus, claimed a spot on the SUPER DARTS 2018 roster. With almost two decades of darting experience he is definitely considered a dark horse in the competition.

Mikuru Suzuki – Japan

Mikuru Suzuki is the first female player who has been invited to play in SUPER DARTS. She conquered the JAPAN LADIES, Japan’s professional darts tournament in 2014 and 2016. In 2017, Suzuki dominated the tournament for the third time and she also became the player with the highest number of wins in the history of JAPAN LADIES. The strongest female player from Japan actively participated in THE WORLD 2017 and received TOP LADIES award 4 times while increasing her fan base across the world.

Paul Lim – Singapore

Paul Lim is well known as“The Legend” among soft-tip darts fans and players. The 64-year old charismatic player has 37 years of darts career. He conquered SUPER DARTS in 2015, and he was ranked No.1 in THE WORLD 2016 and 2017. the SUPER DARTS 2018 title would be another addition to his list of glorious achievements.

Royden Lam – Hong Kong

Royden Lam earned his spot in SUPER DARTS 2018 as the highest-ranked player of “HONG KONG TOUR 2017”. He will compete in his 4th SUPER DARTS this year. Lam, who finished 2nd in THE WORLD 2017 Annual Rankings is indeed one of the most talented and influential Asian players with his calm demeanor and fighting spirit.

Seigo Asada – Japan

Many darts fans would name “Seigo Asada” when asked who is the strongest darts player in Japan. Asada has achieved the no.1 position for 3 years in a row in the rankings of a domestic soft-tip darts tour tournament. Asada is also the winner of JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIP, one of the toughest steel tip darts tournaments that took place in Sep, 2017. He had been building up momentum perfectly towards the SUPER DARTS 2018.

Shuichi Enokuma – Japan

Shuichi Enokuma is the best player in the rankings of JAPAN 2017 in both the RED SEASON and entire season. He also became MVP of SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2017 leading Japan to the championship. Can he continue the same form in 2018? It all starts with the SUPER DARTS 2018 against the best in the world.

Tan Jenn Ming – Malaysia

Tan Jenn Ming, the CHAMPION of Malaysia CC1K GRAND FINAL, will be playing in his first global competition. With a strong showing domestically, he will use this rich experience to show darting fans that he is here to stay.

Phil Taylor – UK

Phil “The Power” Taylor, is considered as the greatest player ever in the world of darts. With an astounding 16 World Championships and retiring after the PDC World Championships after a loss in the finals – he would now be taking his talents into the Soft Tip world. How will he do in this form of darts? Everyone expects brilliance, get ready for it at the SUPER DARTS 2018.