PDC Asian Tour 2019

Stage 9&10 – Hong Kong

PDC Asian Tour Stage 8 – Results

Lourence Illagan from the Philippines continues his streak and defeats fellow countryman Noel Malicdem for the second time in successive days to win the 8th Stage of the PDC Asian Tour. Paul Lim from Singapore and Japans Seigo Asada were placed Joint 3rd each.

PDC Asian Tour Stage 7 – Results

Lourence Illagan shows out with a 110.3 PDC Asian Tour record breaking average and an emphatic 9-darter in the finals and takes out fellow countryman Noel Malicdem to win the 7th Stage of the PDC Asian Tour. Joint 3rd goes to Taiwans Teng Lieh Pu Po and Melvin Kent Pelona from the Philippines.

Lourence Illagan – 9 Darter!! (PDC Asian Tour Stage 7)

And in other darts related news – another feather in the cap for the “Mother of Asian Darts” – Nancy Ambrose becomes the the first lady to become a PDC certified referee under the PDC referee certification program. Keep Going!!!

Stage 7&8 – Taipei, Taiwan

PDC Asian Tour Stage 6 – Results

Lourence Illagan wins the PDC Asian Tour’s 6th Stage beating Yuki Yamada in the finals. Noel Malicdem and Paolo Nebrida were Joint 3rd.

PDC Asian Tour Stage 5 – Results

Noel Malicdem beats Teng Lieh Pu Po in the finals of the Stage 5 of the PDC Asian Tour. Andy Vilamor and Seigo Asada settle for Joint 3rd.

Stage 5&6 – Tacloban, Philippines

PDC Asian Tour Stage 4 – Results

Seigo Asada avenged his loss in the finals the previous day and took the Stage 4 of the PDC Asian Tour by beating Royden Lam in the finals. FB Leung and Paul Lim took Joint 3rd.

PDC Asian Tour Stage 3 – Results

Japan’s Haruki Muramatsu wins Stage 3 of the PDC Asian Tour taking out Seigo Asada in the finals. Noel Malicdem and Royden Lam settled for Joint 3rd.

Stage 3&4 – Kobe, Japan

PDC Asian Tour Stage 2 – Results

Paul Lim made up for the finals loss the day before to beat FB Leung and claim the 2nd stage of the PDC Asian Tour. Yuya Higuchi and Lourence Illagan took Joint 3rd.

PDC Asian Tour Stage 1 – Results

Royden Lam from Hong Kong wins Stage 1, defeating Singapore’s Paul Lim in the Finals. Lourence Illagan and Prince Shek settle of Joint 3rd.

Stage 1&2 – Seoul, Korea

PDC Asian Tour 2019 – Schedule