PDC Asian Tour-2018

PDC Asian Tour 2018 Results

The Top-4 players on the PDC Asian Tour Order of Merit will receive an automatic qualification to the PDC 2019 World Darts Championships. Seigo Asada, though on the Order of Merit has also qualified for the tournament via the Japan PDC Qualifier held earlier. Thus, the next person on the list will receive that spot.

The players representing Asia at the PDC World Darts Championships 2019 are Lourence Illagan(PHI), Royden Lam(HK), Paul Lim(SNG) and Noel Malicdem(PHI)

PDC Asian Tour Order of Merit

Stage 7 & 8 Update

Kobe – Stage 6 – Updates


Stage 6 champion Noel was too hot to handle and had to be cooled down.

Noel wins the bull to start the Stage 6 finals. The first leg goes with throw as both players go through the motions and Noel takes a 1-0 lead. Daisuke fails to take advantage and Noel takes out a crucial finish with Daisuke sitting on 38 for a 2-0 scoreline. Noel goes in for the kill with some heavy scoring and takes a 3-0 lead. Noel is averaging 81.98 and Daisuke is at 74.12 at this juncture. Noel gets his first 180 and leaves himself on 81 after 9 darts with Daisuke on 264. Noel is looking in prime form as he takes out the leg and boasts a 4-0 lead. Daisuke needs to play out of his skin to even get a few legs back.Despite a 180 from Daisuke, Noel is in control of the leg and a crucial miss from Daisuke on 121 leaves Noel with the menial task of cleaning up 8 which he does for a 5-0 whitewash and his first win on the PDC Asian Tour. Daisuke who averaged 82.04 couldn’t match the scoring prowess of Noel.

Noel and Daisuke played immaculate semifinals and are looking for their first win on the Tour. Noel’s been here before and lost against Royden Lam after hitting a brilliant 9-darter. Daisuke on the other hand is playing in his first finals – Who wins? Can Daisuke parry Noels heavy scoring? That will be the difference.

Top 4

Daisuke looked off in his quarterfinals match but he’s a seasoned campaigner and is expected to do well on the big stage. But he’s facing “The Titan” in Christian Perez who’s in fine touch and will be looking to make it an all Pinoy affair in the finals.

The Titan – Perez wins the bull in the second semifinal. Daisuke pulls off a stunning 95 finish to clinch the leg and an early break of throw. Perez gets the break back for a 1-1 scoreline. Daisuke breaks back with a last dart finish on D10 and a 2-1 lead. Daisuke hits his first 180 of the semis for a big advantage and takes out the leg on a 93 for a 3-1 lead. Perez hits back with his first 180 of the match to return the favor and grab a leg back for a 2-3 score. Perez needs to break Daisukes throw now at this crucial juncture. Daisuke holds his nerve and the throw for a 4-2 lead. Perez needs to stop erring on the trebles, the next finals spot has Daisukes name all over it. Perez misses a single dart on the bull only to see Daisuke finish 64 and book his spot in the finals against Noel Malicdem. Daisuke averaged 89.34 and Christian Perez ends his campaign with an 88.79.

Noel Malicdem takes on Shingo Enomata in the first semifinals of the PDC Asian Tour – Stage 6. This promises to be a high scoring match and both players have been in great form throughout the day.

Noel wins the bull in this Best of 9 semifinal. Noel looks in good touch and takes out the 1st leg with ease for a 1-0 lead. Shingo seems a bit off on stage and Noel is looking at using his previous experience at this juncture to go strong. Shingo finds his bearings but misses a crucial finish on 90 and Noel comes back with a D8 finish for an early break and a 2-0 lead. The scoring averages at this stage – Noel at 96.97 and Shingo on 76.60. Noel continues on with his blistering pace with his first 180 of the semifinals and takes the 3rd leg with relative ease. Shingo will have to dig deep to come back from this deficit against Noel who looks in prime form. Shingo begins the fightback with a 15-darter with Noel threatening on 52 after 12 darts for a 1-3 scoreline. Noel continues to pile on the pressure with some heavy scoring and Shingo commits a few crucial errors to hand Noel an almost unassailable advantage 4-1. Noel finishes up procedures with Shingo buckling under the pressure and missing a crucial double. Noel finishes with a 94.28 average and looks to in fine form to achieve a different result from the last time he was on the big stage.

Top 8

In the first quarterfinal, Noel Malicdem took out Mitsumasa Hoshino in a high scoring tussle 5-1 to book a spot in the semifinals. He will take on Shingo Enomata who beat Paolo Nebrida 5-3. Daisuke Akamatsu booked his spot in the semis as well with a nervy 5-2 victory where both players struggled to find their form. Christian Perez beat Keita Ono 5-2 in a heavily one sided game to book the last semis spot.

Kobe – Stage 5 – Updates


Stage 5 Winner – Ting Chi Royden Lam

Seigo Asada wins the bull to commence the Stage 5 finals. Royden takes advantage of some mediocre scoring from Asada to take out 20 and first blood in the finals 1-0. The roles reversed in this leg with Asada dominating the scoring and taking out 40 after a missed dart at the bull from Royden. Scoreline 1 a piece and Asada gains back his advantage with both players averaging a similar 76.93. Royden got a break back to lead 2-1 with a crucial 60 finish with Asada failing to take out 76. Royden gets a big 180 to kick start the out of sorts scoring game from both players. Royden continues his dominant scoring to take a 3-1 lead and be the first player to take a leg on his throw in the finals. A very fluctuating Asada will have to pull out all stops in order to win this game. Royden starts off with his second 180 of the match to put some early pressure on Asadas throw. Royden continued to push the pace to dominate the leg and take a 4-1 lead needing only one more leg to win the Best of 9 leg final. Asada gets his first 180 of the finals only to follow it up with a 39. Royden though has remained consistent in his triple hitting to leave himself with 8 and Asada needing to take out 82 to remain in the match. Asada responds with a brilliant 82 finish with a D-Bull, D16 finish in two darts and a 2-4 scoreline. Will this be the confidence boost that propels Asada towards the finish line? In a high scoring leg Asada takes out 70 to bring the scoreline to 3-4. Roydens turn to start, does he win it here or will Asada have his say? Both players start with 100 and 140 a piece. Royden gets another 140 to pile the pressure on Asada with Asada responding with a 100. Royden 121 and Asada 161. Royden has 64 left with Asada leaving himself 24 on a brilliant throw. Royden misses 64 after hitting a first dart T16. Asada misses a crucial chance on 24 to hand Royden another chance to win the Stage. Royden takes out D2 on the first dart for a 5-3 score to win the Finals of the PDC Asian Tour Stage 5. Royden ended with 91.39 average and Asada had 85.62 in a losing cause.

Ting Chi Royden Lam and Seigo Asada face off in the finals of the PDC Asian Tour Stage 5 in a clash of former Stage Winners. Who will join Lourence Illagan as the second multiple stage winner on the PDC Asian Tour 2018?

With Royden playing a consistent tournament so far and Asada dropping off in the last few rounds will he be able to find his scoring groove? Royden has seemed iffy on the finishes in the last couple of games rounds but with his championship pedigree showing at crucial moments has performed great when his back is against the wall. Who wins this game? Too hard to call. Both took out 5 legs on the trot in fight backs from being down 2-0 in their respective semis.

Top 4

Ting Chi Royden Lam from Hong Kong takes on inform Shin Higashida from Japan in the next semifinal. Both players have been very consistent throughout the tournament and this seems to be a cracker of a tussle.

Shin Higashida wins the bull and will start the 2nd semifinals. Both players seemed to continue their tournament form with Shin taking out 60 in a well played leg and a 1-0 lead. Another good leg saw Royden committing a crucial mistake on the finish only from Shin to pounce to an early 2-0 lead. Both players erred on the finish only for Royden to take a crucial leg back against the throw with his last dart on the D5 for a 1-2 scoreline. Royden took out the leg for a 2-2 scoreline after Shin misses a dart at the bull. Royden took out a well played leg with Shin lurking behind for a crucial break of throw and a 3-2 lead. Royden at this juncture averages 88.54 and Shin with 85.59. Shin erred on the scoring here giving the advantage to Royden who took it with open hands with a D20 finish and taking a 4-2 lead. Shin begins the fightback with a nervy 41 but comes back with a 180 to take an early lead. He however misses out on D20 with Royden sitting on 18 only for Royden to finish it and book his spot in the finals with a 5-2 scoreline. Royden averaged 86.31 and Shin finished with a 82.08.

Seigo Asada takes on giant killer Kazuki Hagane in the first semifinals of the PDC Asian Tour – Stage 5.

Kazuki to start the the Best of 9 leg semis. Both players start off nervy in the first leg with Kazuki taking a 1-0 lead on a D2. The errors continued from both players with Asada not finding the triples that he so voraciously hits. A 180 from Kazuki gives him the advantage over a visibly flustered Asada. Kazuki takes out D20 for an early 2-0 lead. The average scoring continued and both players erred on the finishes only for Asada to eventually take the leg for a 1-2 scoreline. The averages at the time being 66.22 to Kazuki and 63.14 to Asada. Starting the leg off with a 180 Asada seemed to get back his scoring punch and take a relatively easy leg to pull the scoreline back to 2 a piece. Both players got back their scoring touches only to see multiple errors on the finishes and Asada pull out a crucial break for a 3-2 lead. The inconsistent play continued from both players but the leg went with the throw and Asada goes in with a leg needed to reach the finals. Asada took out a 100 and 5 legs on the trot to win the first semifinals 5-2. Both Asada and Kazuki had uncharacteristic games ending up with 72.26 and 69.15 averages respectively.

Top 8

Ting Chi Royden Lam continued his march towards another Stage final with a win against Yuva Higuchi. Shin Higashida played a scorcher of a game to take out fellow countryman Hiroto Ichimiya 5-4. Seigo Asada also continued his wonderful form and locked his semis spot with a win against Teng Lieh Pupo 5-3. Kazuki Hagane won a thriller of a match against Karuki Muramatsu 5-4.

Top 16
Former Stage winner Ting Chi Royden Lam takes out Christian Perez in a nerve wracking match 5-4. Yuva Higuchi wins against Mitsuo Wada 5-3. Shin Higashida moves into the quarters with a win against Tomonari Kurokawa 5-1 in a close one where the scoreline doesn’t do any justice. Hiroto Ichimiya beats Attapol Eupakaree 5-2. Former Stage winner Seigo Asada whitewashes Yong Thanawat 5-0. Teng Lieh Pupo takes out Mikuru Suzuki 5-2. Kazaki Hagane thoroughly beats Shinchi Saawai 5-0 and in the final match Haruki Muramatsu got the better of fellow countryman Daisuke Akamatsu 5-1.

The PDC Asia Tour continues with stages 5 & 6 at Kobe on the June 23rd and 24th.

PDC Asian Tour – Order of Merit – Updated


Macao – Stage 4 – Results

Back to back Stage 3&4 Champion – Lourence “The Gunner” Illagan

In a battle of former stage winners – today’s finals will determine who will be the first multiple stage winner. With Lourence winning the previous stage and Royden winning the inaugural stage, the battle of these Asian heavyweights will surely entice the casual darts fan.

With Royden winning the bull – Lourence drew first blood taking the leg out with a clinical 116 finish to lead 1-0 in the race to 5 legs. Lourence continue to pile on the pressure for a 2-0 lead with the averages reading 103 and 98 to Lourence. Lourence continued to pummel the trebels but failed to take advantage of Royden’s missed darts on the finish to set up a 2-1 game score. Lourence not looking to slow down kept piling on the pressure and a crucial miss by Royden on D20 for a 120 finish saw the lead widen to 3-1. The 5th leg saw Lourence erring on multiple occasions but Royden continued his streak of misses on the doubles only to see Lourence finish a crucial 110 to push the lead up to 4-1. Royden then continued to miss his trebles and Lourence took out 100 to become the back to back Stage 3 & 4 champion with a final score of 5-1.

In the first semifinal Royden Lam beat Paolo Nebrida in a high scoring tungsten tussle to win 5-3. The next semifinal saw Stage 3 winner Lourence Ilagan take on Shek Ho Yin from Hong Kong. In a game that saw both players taking the initiative on their on throws – Lourence go a crucial break in the 6th leg to go up 4-2. With Lourence erring and Shek Ho Yin failing to capitalize by leaving himself on a bogey 169 – Lourence had 6 darts to to clean it up but missed to match darts on D20. Shek Ho Yin couldn’t take out the 86 balance and Lourence went on to his second consecutive final with a 5-2 victory.

Macao – Stage 3 – Results

Stage 3 Winner – Lourence “The Gunner” Illagan

With two highly competitive semifinals leading up to this – we have the Stage 3 finals in the books.

With Lourence winning the bull, Alexis took advantage of two missed darts at the finish from Lourence to break and take the lead 1-0 in the Race to 5 finals. The next leg saw Lourence take advantage of some inconsistent scoring from Alexis and take the leg fairly easily to level up the game a 1 a piece. The 3rd game saw the scoring woes continue for Alexis as Lourence took the leg and the lead 2-1. With such an average disparity of 73 and 97, Alexis fought back with consistent darts, but Lourence continued his heavy treble hitting and forced an Alexis miss on D8 for a crucial break and lead 3-1. Lourance then hit a crucial 180 in the leg to tighten the screws on Alexis and take a 4-1 lead. With Lourence taking his leg of the accelerator, Alexis maintained composure and didn’t let Lourence back in to take the leg and closen the gap 4-2. Lourence on his throw stepped up and finished a one sided leg with a 12 darter for a 5-2 win and become the champion of the Stage 3 of the PDC Asia Tour.

In the Semifinals, Alexis Toylo took out fellow countryman Paolo Nebrida in nail biting finish in the deciding leg to win 5-4. Lourence Illagan took out Haruki Muramatsu from Japan in the second semifinal in another great matchup and a result 5-4.

The PDC Asia Tour continues with stages 3 & 4 at Macao on the April 28th and 29th.

PDC Asian Tour 2018 – Order of Merit

Seoul – Stage 2 – Results

Stage 2 Winner – Seigo Asada with Russ Bray

Stage 2 of the PDC Asian Tour concluded today. Once again the day provided many upsets as many top players from the day before couldn’t continue their top form.

Seigo Asada from Japan took on Park Hyun-chul from Korea in a topsy-turvy finals that saw Asada survive 4 match darts and take home the crown in the final leg 5-4.

Both players started off in ominous fashion averaging 103 and 105 through the first few legs. The legs kept going with throw until the final leg that saw Park start off with a brilliant 180 and then falter to keep up the momentum – However, still leaving himself with 20 to Asadas 153. Asada then went on to set himself on 56 after scoring a crucial 97. Park missed the D10 into the 6 and went pulled the D7 a bit too high leaving 7 and not getting a chance again to finish. Asada went on to take out the 56 with a single 20 and D18, which helped him throughout the tournament. Both Asada and Park finished the game with averages of 82.3 and 75.5 respectively.

In the semis Asada beat fellow countryman Arashi Matsumoto while Park defeated giant killer Pupo Llieh who took out legend Paul Lim in the quarterfinals.

Seoul – Stage 1 – Results

Stage 1 Winner – Royden Lam gets the Finals board signed by Russ Bray

Stage 1 of the PDC Asian Tour concluded today with Stage 2 looming tomorrow. Seeing tremendous upsets and a fabulous 9-darter in the final the PDC Asian Tour got off to a rollicking start.

With Lam, Ting-chi-Royden beating 9-dart hero Noel Malicdem in the finals. Royden started like a man on a mission finishing the first leg in 13 darts only to be out shined by Noels 9-darter in the next leg for a 1-1 scoreline. The legs then went with throw till 2-2 with Royden playing very consistent darts and Noel finishing under pressure with Royden sitting on a finish. Royden then took advantage of Noels errors and got a crucial break in the 6th leg and take the lead 4-2. Noel then broke back under pressure to pull it back to 4-3. Royden scoring heavy in the 8th leg caused Noel to make mistakes and put him under pressure from the start of the leg to take the finals 5-3. Royden finished with a finals average of 91.8 with Noel at an 83.4

In the semis Royden beat Yuva Higuchi (5-2) and Noel took out fellow countryman Lourence Illagan (5-3).

Here below is the 9-darter courtesy of Noel Malicdem