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There are so many things that I’d like to tell you. There are so many things I’d like to do;

All of them involve the words “I love you”.

In this fast paced life where I was struggling to cope up and stand;

You gave me your heart, your soul, you always gave me a hand.

I have never felt such emptiness inside of me like I feel right now;

I can’t explain it, I have everything. How?

I can only hear stories about you from family, friends and almost everyone;

I spent my whole life with you and I still cannot say a verse, zilch, none.

The times you’ve supported me and given me advice;

The times you’ve provided for me even when it didn’t suffice.

You had stood up to the world and made us your priority;

Such love I have never felt, I feel blessed to be part of your legacy.

From the littlest things like a small star sticker or to the big things like supporting a poor soul;

You never thought twice, you always gave in whole.

I have not known what to write for so long now, I still don’t;

Without you here anymore, I took a decision that I won’t.

But you wanted me to write, you wanted me to read;

You wanted me to run, you wanted me to succeed.

You put me in Karate, tennis, squash and badminton;

Table Tennis, swimming, basketball, darts and the very earth I live in.

I am truly speechless right now. I don’t know what to say;

After such an ordeal, come what may.

You were and still are my idol, I hope you knew it;

I’ll do my best to carry your fire on. It’s in my genes after all isn’t it?

You’d call me a thousand times everyday to know how I was;

You’d always be ready, just in case I missed a bus.

You never let me feel low, you never provided me with less;

I didn’t know that word till now, life is such a mess.

How did you do so well in life? Just coz of your heart and mind?

Why didn’t you stay longer? God realized he gave the earth such a precious find?

I am not sad inside, I am just angry;

That I didn’t know you too well and for that I am sorry.

Such opportunities come few at a time;

I had my opportunities for years and all I can do about it now is rhyme.

I promised you just two things and those two things I will do;

It’s the least I can do for someone like you.

You will always remain in my heart and my mind when I visualize a mother;

It’s a hard job, I realize it now. I’ll remember your ideals when I become a father.

It’s just so freaking hard to love that much, don’t you see?

Because such love in today’s world costs something. Unfortunately nothing today is free!!

Ever since I can remember I remember your smile, whenever you came home and saw us all;

I wish I could remember everything but I cannot, though I definitely do remember our fall.

When we fell down those stairs, brother and I cried. I remember you fell too;

But you hugged us, wiped our teary faces and said the magical words “I love you”.

Later next year when I asked you how you got that scar on your leg that I had just noticed;

You told me of the day you fell with us, but you still said it didn’t hurt in protest.

You know why I am so sad and angry today? It’s because of the love showered on me by you;

Because in all these years I never asked you this even once when i should have. “Mom, how are you?”

I love you mom and I promise to do you proud.

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  1. January 11 is my birth date. Penning/Publishing your thoughts on MOTHER on this very date is the best gift for me. Words fell short to describe you brother. Straight from heart: Respect.

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