Happy Mothers Day

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In my mind, I was always the best;
Class, Basketball, Darts, Work, anything, I was better than the rest.

When roads got harder to follow, you were always there;
When doubts crept in, you challenged me with that one stare.

There are so many things I’d like to say, so many adjectives I’d like to mention;
The dictionary doesn’t provide a definition for an inaccurate emotion.

I grew up happy since you kept me busy;
Troubles, depression, anger made my mind all messy.

I learnt very little from you throughout my life;
I never had to struggle, cry or even put up a fight.

I got what I wanted, whenever I dreamt;
I got what I wanted, whenever I screamt.

I learned that money had no value, none at all;
Life was so easy, a free for all.

I learned that whenever I fell, someone had my back;
No matter what happened, no one could do jack.

The biggest lesson I learned was how to trust;
I trusted everyone, it was a must.

There is good in everyone, you always said;
Everyone fights for nothing but just some bread.

That bread can be money, it can be fame;
It can be food or something nasty to gain.

But once you left, the walls came down;
Trust, troubles and anger turned my smile into a frown.

To face failure in so many ways;
To face failure in so few days.

I couldn’t do it, you knew I wasn’t ready;
You weren’t there to help keep me steady.

Today I know what you did;
The façade you maintained for this one kid.

That the world was always all green and blue;
The oceans were always steady and great men flew.

Today I look back at what I learnt;
Today I think of what I’ve burnt.

You made me what I am, you were who I was;
I’m still trying to buy into the cause.

That you need to love someone and they’ll love you back;
You need to help someone and cut them some slack.

Coz not all the world is perfect, it’s easy to cover it up;
All you need is some love to mask what will erupt.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for all that you’ve taught me;
For what helps me the most are the lessons I’ve learnt in your absence and of the love you brought me.

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