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Glen Durrant

Glen Durrant, is a three-time BDO World Champion and the current Premier League Champion in the PDC. Following his move from the BDO to the PDC, “Duzza” has seen a monumental rise up the ranks and is currently ranked 13th on the PDC Order of Merit. He is arguably the best double hitter under pressure in the business.

I did follow Glen while he was in the BDO and yes, to be fair, was skeptical at how he would fare in the PDC when he made the transition – Well, he’s proved myself and most of the darting world wrong. Winning the Premier League on debut in the fashion that he won it was proof that we are currently watching a world beater rise up in the ranks.

I was lucky enough to be able to contact Glen for a small interview and he obliged to which I will always be grateful. So here you go –

1. How long have you been playing Darts?

I played darts in 1985 to 1988 and then from 1999 to date.

2. How did you get into the sport of Darts?

My brother was a fantastic local league player. I grew up in workingmen clubs playing billiards, it was a natural transition to Darts.

3. What are the hardships you’ve faced in your darting journey so far and how have you overcome them?

Financially the hardship was tough, I remember getting a loan that allowed me to travel to a competition. Also playing 5 nights per week I would rarely see my family. Other hardships included the impact on my work, I would often get into the office feeling very tired after a weekend in Europe. However, the highs outweigh the lows.

4. What is your practice schedule when approaching a tournament and when not?

Quality practice of 2/3 hours per day, in my younger days I would play 7 hours a day.

5. Help us look inside your head – How different is your mental approach towards a practice session and a game?

Great question. I’m not great practicing with others. I need intensity in my game. As soon as they say ‘Game on’ I go to a new level mentally.

6. Most darts players have a schedule before match day or on match day, some call this superstition, others call it routine – What do you do to get yourself ready for match day and how do you think it helps you?

I’m a very old-fashioned player. Some call it ‘Old School’ – I like a shower, ironed clothes, dress shoes and I must smell nice. No superstitions though, they can mess with your head.

7. Darts is mental game as many people who play it eventually realize – How do you fight back when you’re down in a game? Is there any way in which you can explain – How to handle pressure in such moments?

Mental toughness is now synonymous to my game, but it hasn’t always been the case. As a younger fitter player, I would sprint out of the traps and be a great front-runner. Now it time for me to get into a game and I’ve learned to fight to the last dart. I believe the Lakeside 2017 game versus Paul Hogan was the turning point.

8. What are the most important aspects of a player that a newcomer should try and learn if they want to get into the sport of Darts?

Don’t expect too much too soon. Practice makes perfect and learn to love the game and expect devastating lows to reach the highs. Find a set up and stick with it.

9. What’s your fondest memory so far in the time that you’ve played Darts?

Representing England in the WDF World Cup in Canada was special. My first lakeside win was a sensational feeling but winning the recent Premier League supersedes everything.

10. What memory do you regret or wish you had a do over?

No regrets. I never lost a game I just learned.

11. What’s your darts nickname and how did it come to be?

Duzza – School Nickname.

12. What darts do you use?

Duzza 24g Target Darts.

13. Who is your favorite Darts Player?

Phil Taylor.

14. What’s your favorite double?

Double 16.

15. What’s your favorite finish combination?

64 / 112 / 116 / 132 and 170.

16. Father time is undefeated – When it’s all said and done and you do retire from the game what do you wish you had accomplished in the sport?

I can retire a happy man. At 41-year-old I had never won a tournament. I won the Northern Ireland Open in 2012 and in 8 years I’ve over achieved with the natural ability I have. I have one last darting chapter and that’s to win the PDC World Championships.

Remember – No regrets.

17. Your last thoughts – Do you have anything that you would like to say to whoever reads this interview?

A good woodcutter takes a few hours to chop down a tree but takes 3 hours sharpening his tool. If you want it badly enough you can achieve your dreams.

If you’d like to get to know Glen a little more you can add him on Twitter – @duzza180

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