Dark places, dark spaces..

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How do I leave this place?
Where do I find a place to hide?

How do I handle this emptiness?
That’s been killing me inside.

A broken soul that I have never felt.
Is something that I’ve just been dealt.

The weak heart, the body pain and the headaches get worse.
But is the thoughts that prove to be the curse.

Why does the earth form so many potholes around me?
Or is it just me that’s lost the ability to see?

Are the easy stuff getting harder by much more?
The same stuff I’d brush off so easily long before.

Is there anything else to gain?
Is there any way to mask the pain?

Is there another way to look at it?
Is there a certain method to annihilate it?

When will it choose to leave me?
This dark presence that’s trying to consume me.

Who is this new voice inside of me?
Why does it cause such harm for free?

The shadows don’t remain the same to my eyes.
I keep seeing the figure on my shoulder beginning to rise.

I’ve seen its eyes, I’ve looked deep into its mind.
It’s eerily similar to what I’ve lost throughout this grind.

Am I losing a part of me from within?
Is my mind playing tricks on me while I’ve been ailing?

I’d like to drink away the absence of feeling.
I’d like everyday pain to return and start my healing.

I’d like it for my tears to start flowing once more.
I’d like to feel the sharp pain shoot come to the fore.

Maybe then I’ll know how to leave this place.
Maybe then I’ll not need a place to hide.

Maybe then the emptiness will be no more.
Maybe then hope will then reign once more.

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