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Nitin Kumar(Left), Sunaina Mitra(Center Left), Asha Mehta(Center Right), Ankit Goenka(Right)

Asha Mehta and Nitin Kumar crowned the Champion of Champions for 2018.

Finals Update – Ladies

In an encouraging turn of events, the ladies final gave us a match that most did not expect to happen – With all seasoned and higher ranked players out of the fray – both youngsters Sunaina Mitra and Asha Mehta looked to display their talent and put Indian ladies darts on notice. In a thrilling game with both going neck to neck with heavy scoring and high pressure out-shots the finals went into a decider with both players at 2 legs a piece. With Sunaina continuing to register a triple 19 every round she left herself with 47 to Asha’s 96 in the deciding leg. Sunaina threw a 7 to leave herself with D20 and then threw a 5 to leave herself with 35 and no way to finish the game until her next throw. She settled for a 19 and left herself with a 16 to win the match in her next round. Asha though had different plans. Throwing a single 20 in her first dart, she then got the elusive T20 to leave herself with 16 with one dart in hand. Taking a step back, Asha then went on to throw her last dart into the D8 and be crowned the Champion. With both youngsters looking in ominous form, the following few years will only add to their experience as they have already passed the litmus test among India’s finest.

Finals Update – Men

This was a match that most expected to come about and was a repeat of the last Indian Nationals finals with Nitin Kumar taking on Ankit Goenka. Ankit started off very well only to cause errors and give the first two legs to Nitin. After that, it was smooth sailing as Nitin took the next two legs culminating with a 121 checkout to win the Finals with a 4-0 scoreline. With Ankit, still nursing an injury – do keep a watch for them to meet up again in the near future.

Semifinal Match Updates – Ladies

Ankita Upadhyay took on Sunaina Mitra in the first Ladies Semifinal. Sunaina starting off on point on the Triple 19s didn’t look like cooling down while Ankita couldn’t match her previous performance in the previous round. Sunaina, hitting high scores and with immaculate finishing topped heavy favorite Ankita for a spot in the finals.

In the final semifinal of the day – Asha Mehta took on multiple National champion Jolly Chanda for a ticket to the finals. Jolly seemed to be in rhythm but Asha, with her high scoring kept adding the pressure onto Jolly who eventually succumbed to a 3-1 loss, thereby sending Asha onto face Sunaina Mitra in the Finals.

Semifinal Match Updates – Men

The first semifinal saw Nitin Kumar face off against Vikash Kothari in a game that had both darters scoring heavily and finishing immaculately. With Nitin taking a break and a lead of 3-1, Vikash then had a low scoring leg which led to his downfall 4-1.

The other side of the draw saw Ankit Goenka going up against Vivek Khandelwal. Vivek continued his rough patch of form from the previous game and in a few legs was down 3-1. In the final leg, Ankit then stepped on the accelerator and doused any thoughts of a comeback from Vivek to progress to the finals 4-1.

Quarterfinal Match Updates – Ladies

In the Ladies quarterfinals, Ankita Upadhyay dominated Shrutika Lakhani to a resounding 3-0 win in which Shrutika never had a chance at a double.

In the next quarterfinal, Sunaina Mitra took on Vinita Baid for a place in the semis. Sunaina with her constant triple 19 hitting, picked away at a consistent Vinita to take the game 3-0 and seal a spot in the semis.

The next quarterfinal saw Jaqueline Khanna take on Jolly Chanda. Jolly, who was on a roll from the previous match continued her top form while Jaqueline couldn’t rekindle the magical darts she threw in her previous league matches. The match ended with a 3-0 score to Jolly granting her a place in the semis.

Asha Mehta took on Kriti Chugh in the final Ladies quarterfinal and took an early 1-0 lead. She managed to handle Kriti’s high scoring and took advantage on miscues from Kriti to go on and win the game 3-1 and stamp her place as the last semifinalist.

Quarterfinal Match Updates – Men

Nitin Kumar took on Mayur Nahata in a rematch of the DAB Stage – 2 finals. Nitin took the first 2 legs with relative ease only for Mayur to break the throw and take a leg back in great fashion. However, the next leg was taken in commanding fashion by Nitin snatching the leg away from Mayur who settled on a double just before. The match though very close didn’t do justice to the scoreline 3-1.

The next match saw Vikash Jhajharia take on Vikash Kothari. With Vikash Kothari in fine form and hitting consecutive high scores and a 180, VJ fought till the very end but unfortunately couldn’t land a leg and lost 3-0. The match showed Vikash Jhajharia as a one to watch out for in the future and also marked the return of Vikash Kothari, fondly known previously as the “Legend Killer”.

Vidul Goenka took on Ankit Goenka in the next match and with Ankit leading 2-0 and needing a solitary leg to win the game, Vidhul fought back and punished Ankit for his below par scoring and finishing. Going up to 2 legs a piece, Vishul couldn’t continue the push as Ankit picked his game up when it mattered to take a dicey 3-2 victory and move into the semis.

In the final quarterfinal – Vivek Khandelwal took on Mohan Goel in a rematch of last years DAB Stage-1 finals. Mohan in sublime form throughout the tournament continued with a heavy scoring against Vivek who seemed to falter on his chances providing Mohan ample number of chances to take the legs. However, as lady luck may have it – Mohan found the doubles to be only a millimeter wide and continuously missed the doubles to let Vivek come from behind and take the legs. It was a story of the same stature when Mohan sitting on a finish in the deciding leg with Vivek quite a distance away, faltered only to see Vivek come back and punish him for his crucial repetitive mistakes for a place in the semis with a 3-2 scoreline.

Pre-Quarterfinal Match Updates – Ladies

Following the upsets of Kritika Seth and Sunanda Bhattachariya in the league stages, the next round of Pre-Quarterfinals took place against Shrutika & Vedika, Vinita & Sneha, Ankita Raha & Jolly, Mayuka & Kriti. With the top seeds receiving a bye onto the quarterfinals – Shrutika upset Vedika 2-1 in an close match that saw the BRC Runner-Up Vedika, playing with a bandage after injuring her finger the previous day. Vinita Baid in the next match took out State Champion Sneha Srivastava 2-1 in one of the upsets of the tournament. Vinita capitalized on a lackluster performance from Sneha and hit the crucial doubles to win the game. On the other side of the draw – Jolly Chanda took out Ankita Raha 2-0 in dominating fashion while Mayuka Agarwal fell to Kriti Chugh after the latter sent the game into the final leg but couldn’t match up to Kriti’s scoring prowess in the decider.

Pre-Quarterfinal Match Updates – Men

Following a league event that saw upsets in the form of Sangam Roy, Farman Haque, Vishal Mehta and Piyush Bosmia, the Pre-Quarters slab of the event got underway.

With comfortable victories for Nitin Kumar, Vikash Jhajharia, Vikash Kothari, Vivek Khandelwal and Mohan Goel – the remaining 3 matches went down to the wire. With DAB Stage – 2 Runner-Up Mayur Nahata having an off game, up and comer Sandeep Chajjer took advantage and pushed him to a final leg with some accurate finishing. Mayur however, was up to the challenge and picked his game up for some heavy scoring and a win 3-2 that saw him get into the Quarters for a rematch of the State Finals against Nitin Kumar. On the other side of the draw – Current National Champion Ankit Goenka, suffering from an injury was taken to the last dart by Viral Mehta who lost out on a calculation error that helped Ankit capitalize. Both players scored heavy and the games went with throw till the very end 3-2 in favor of Ankit. In the next game, we saw Vidhul Goenka and giant killer Amit Singh taking each other on. In another game that went to the wire courtesy of some sloppy finishing, Vidhul held his nerve to take the leg and move into the quarters against Ankit.

Ladies Knockout Draw – Updated

Men’s Knockout Draw – Updated

League Table Updates – Ladies Singles

– Qualifiers from each group –

Group A (Top Seed) – Ankita Upadhyay / Group B (Top Seed) – Sunaina Mitra

Group C (Top Seed) – Jaqueline Khanna / Group D (Top Seed) – Asha Mehta

League Table Updates – Men’s Singles

– Qualifiers from each group –

Group A (Top Seed) – Nitin Kumar / Group B (Top Seed) – Ankit Goenka

Group C (Top Seed) – Mohan Goel / Group D (Top Seed) – Varun Baid

Group E (Top Seed) – Amit Saha / Group F (Top Seed) – Mayur Nahata

Group G (Top Seed) – Vikash Jhajharia / Group H (Top Seed) – Tilak Saboo

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Updated Seeding –

Checkout Representatives –

Men –

  1. Nitin Kumar
  2. Ankit Goenka
  3. Mohan Goel
  4. Vivek Khandelwal
  5. Vishal Mehta
  6. Viral Mehta
  7. Writam Basu
  8. Vikash Kothari
  9. Tilak Saboo
  10. Vikash Jhajharia
  11. Vijay K Singh
  12. Arnab Raha
  13. Varun Baid
  14. Harsh Dalmia
  15. Vivek Agarwal
  16. Sailesh Rupani

Women –

  1. Ankita Upadhyay
  2. Kriti Chugh
  3. Sunaina Mitra
  4. Shrutika Lakhani
  5. Asha Mehta
  6. Vedika Sureka
  7. Vinita Baid
  8. Asha Bosmia
  9. Mayuka Agarwal
  10. Mahi Bosmia

Powerplay Representatives –

Men –

  1. Sangam Roy
  2. Farman Haque
  3. Mayur Nahata
  4. Amit Singh
  5. K Kumarial
  6. Piyush Bosmia
  7. Sandeep Chhajer
  8. Vidhul Goenka
  9. Abhishek Sharma
  10. Mohd. Rizwan
  11. Ankit Chowdhary
  12. Arjun Bhadra
  13. Dipak Chaudhary
  14. Clinton Khanna
  15. Jayat Mishra
  16. Soumya Dutta

Women –

  1. Kritika Seth
  2. Jolly Chanda
  3. Jaqueline Khanna
  4. Sunanda Bhattachariya
  5. Sneha Srivastav
  6. Tavishi Rupani
  7. Puja Sahni
  8. Ankita Raha
  9. Piyali Chaudhuri
  10. Priyanshi Jaiswal

The Champs are waiting – Where are you?

Qualifiers for the Champion of Champions – Who qualifies?

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