Bengal Darts Tour – 2

BDT-2 Finals

The Royal Super Knights face the Avengers in a match-up that has seen both team take very different paths to the finals. The Royal Super Knights have come through with team efforts led by Viral Mehta while the Avengers have banked on their star players in Raahat Kapoor and Mudit Sadani while getting crucial contributions at times from the rest of the roster.

The Royal Super Knights start the finals with their captain Sandeep Chhajer leading the way pairing up with Vedika Sureka against the Avengers duo of Mayur Agarwal and Bharti Manadapaka. The Royal Super Knights take a very important lead in the 1st game of the finals piling on the pressure on the Avengers. Mudit Sadani and Dishant Thakkar save the Avengers the blues by taking a crucial 2nd event victory against Viral Mehta and Sumit Mitra. A decider in the finals of BDT-2, going up to the last leg with both players at the finish – Akash Baid takes the win against Raahat Kapoor and the Royal Super Knights are the champions of the Bengal Darts Tour – 2. The Avengers relied on both Raahat and Mudit to win their games – it didn’t happen after Raahat missed a few quality chances to win it all. The Royal Super Knights were the most consistent team of the tournament and had every player in the team performing in crucial moments and responding in times when they were needed. They thoroughly deserve the title of BDT-2 Champions!!

BDT-2 Semifinals

Match 1 – Dart Lords Vs Royal Super Knights

The Royal Super Knights face a stiff test against the Dart Lords who were sent to the final game in the Quarterfinals. The Super Knights match up well against the Dart Lords – but will they be able to outplay them?

The Dart Lords begin the semi finals with a strong pairing of Avijit Dutta and Sunaina Mitra going up against another strong pairing of Viral Mehta and Vedika Sureka. The Super Knights draw first blood and take the lead 1-0. Captain Sandeep Chhajer and Sumit Mitra of the Super Knights then pull off the unexpected upset over Mayur Nahat and Abhishek Chowdhury to be the first team to enter the finals with a straight 2-0 victory. The Super Knights had a convincing victory and didn’t even need the services of Akash Baid in the game. The Dart Lords severely under performed and thus make their way out of the knockout stages.

Match 2 – Dartmeisters Vs Avengers

The Dartmeisters still playing without the services of their captain Vikash Jhajharia will be looking to pull of another inspired win against the Avengers to upset the Tungsten Creed in their previous game.

The Dartmeisters Mixed Doubles pairing of Puja Sahni and Shubhash Patra take a 1st game win against Mayur Agarwal and Bharti Mandapaka. Mudit Sadani and Dishant Thakkar of the Avengers bring some normalcy back to the scoreline and send the game into the decider after beating Farmanul Haque and Vishwanath Pai. Captain Raahat Kapoor does the needful and takes out Saran Kashyap to send his team to the finals with a 2-1 win. The dream run for the Avengers continue and they’ve banked on their two stars in Mudit Sadani and Raahat Kapoor who have delivered. An inspiring run saw the Dartmeisters run out of gas without their leader who not only took a lot of pressure but also was the focal point of the lineup and key to winning them crucial games – they lost that when he became unavailable. Get Well Soon Vikash!!

BDT-2 Quarterfinals

Match 1 – Dart Lords Vs Trihoot Rockers (A1 Vs B4)

The Dart Lords will be looking to dismiss their luck from the last edition and move forward to the semis against a strong Trihoot Rockers squad.

The Dart Lords start their Quarterfinals match with an opening pair of Abhishek Chowdhury and Sunaina Mitra in the Mixed Doubles. They go up against an in-form Jayat Misra and Asha Mehta who take the 1st game and an early 1-0 lead. Mayur Nahata and Karan Singh win the Open Doubles against Writam Basu and Gautam Bhuyan to nullify the advantage to a deuce and take the game to a last game decider. Captain Avijit Dutta takes the stage against Ankit Shaw and leads the Dart Lords to the semifinals. Both teams went in with good lineups. There was extra pressure on Writam to win his game while the non-inclusion of Mayur Nahata in the Mixed Doubles was a clear indication that the Dart Lords were open to losing their 1st game and win the next 2 games. Amazing confidence!!

Match 2 –  Royal Super Knights Vs Sharp Shooters (B2 Vs A3)

The Sharp Shooters fate depends on Jolly Chanda, Ankit Goenka and the performance of Sauvik Mitra. While the Royal Super Knights have a full roster of players with both substance and class – The Sharp Shooters have a simple lineup and the Super Knights can tackle it easily. Will they be able to handle the scoring power of the Sharp Shooters – if they can’t, it’ll be over in no time.

The Sharp Shooters start the game with Jolly Chanda partnering with Sauvik Mitra going up against a strong lineup of Viral Mehta and Vedika Sureka from the Super Knights. The Royal Super Knights take a 1-0 lead and subdue most of the hopes of a Sharp Shooter win. Ankit Goenka partners with Chirag Thakkar against the Super Knights duo of Sandeep Chhajer and Sumit Mitra. In a huge upset, the Sharp Shooters fall 0-2 and bow out of the tournament. The Royal Super Knights mtched up really well against the Sharp Shooters – The only way in which they could win – Split Sauvik, Jolly and Ankit or hope that the Royal Super Knights have a bad day. They didn’t split and the Super Knights were on song throughout.

Match 3 – Dartmeisters Vs Thunderbolts (A2 Vs B3)

The defending champions Dartmeisters, will be looking to overpower the Thunderbolts and head to the semifinals. The Thunderbolts will have to play well to beat the Dartmeisters as they are outmatched in every facet apart from the fact that they have Nitin Kumar on the roster.

The Dartmeisters went in playing on the backfoot after learning that they would have to play without their Captain, Vikash Jhajharia due to a medical emergency. Starting the game with a Mixed Doubles pairing of Puja Sahni and Vishwanath Pai – they faced a strong pair in Nitin Kumar and Nada Yasmeen and fell to an early 0-1. Acting captain Farmanul Haque partnered up with Divyak Doshi to take on the Thunderbolts pairing of Prangon Chowdhury and Shubham Agarwal. The Dartmeisters send the game into a decider with Shubhash Patra facing Saubhadra of the Thunderbolts. Shubhash picks up the win to send the Dartmeisters into the semis against all the odds. After suffering a blow to their roster, the composure shown by the Dartmeisters stamped the already present class and chemistry that they possess. The Thunderbolts had the game in hand and handed it back on a silver platter.

Match 4 – Tungsten Creed Vs Avengers (B1 Vs A4)

The Tungsten Creed were by far the best team of Group-2. They had a set lineup and were dominating the group. They now face the Avengers who scraped into the knockout phases after a last game win in the group stages.

Tungsten Creed send in their pairing of Kumarial Singh and Sneha Srivastava against Mayur Agarwal and Bharti Mandapaka and take an early 1-0 lead. Mudit Sadani and Dishant Thakkar pull a game back for the Avengers against Ankit Chowdhury and Abhishek Dhanuka who were arguably the tournaments best pairing so far. This leaves the door open for a Captain Vs Captain match with Raahat Kapoor taking on Arnab Raha. Raahat Kapoor takes the win and the victory leaving the Tungsten creed shell shocked. The best lineup that got them to the top of Group-B, failed. Mudit and Raahat performed – Avengers win.

Knockout Fixtures

Match 1 – Dart Lords Vs Trihoot Rockers (A1 Vs B4)

This match definitely favors the Dart Lords who have been on a tear despite their final game hiccup. With both teams possessing good Mixed Doubles pairings – it will be interesting to see who takes the early lead. With Avijit Dutta and Writam Basu also taking up spots on either end – who could make the difference for each team? My bets are on Abhishek Chowdhury and Ankit Shaw. The Dart Lords have gone safe with their lineups and it has suited them so far. The Rockers roster though can match them well. Each event should be a treat to watch.

Match 2 –  Royal Super Knights Vs Sharp Shooters (B2 Vs A3)

Both teams have a single Ladies players in Jolly Chanda and Vedika Sureka. The Royal Super Knights have the luxury of having a capable roster that are firing under pressure so far. With Viral Mehta, Akash Baid, captain Sandeep Chhajer and Sumit Mitra – they have received contributions from everyone. The Sharp Shooters however, have Ankit Goenka, followed by Sauvik Mitra and Amit Mehta who have been iffy so far. They have won matches where Sauvik has performed – the pressure will be on him and only a good lineup would assist the Sharp Shooters chances of winning. If the Sharp Shooters lead at any point – and Ankit Goenka makes an entrance to play for the win – Chalk in our first upset. If not, the Royal Super Knights should take this.

Match 3 – Dartmeisters Vs Thunderbolts (A2 Vs B3)

The Dartmeisters are quintessentially BDT Royalty. From the first edition till date – auction wise, strategy wise, performance wise – they have always been on top and rarely make a mistake. They match up very well against the Thunderbolts and that rare mistake is the only thing that can keep them from a win. But, for that the Thunderbolts roster will still have to play our of their skull to attain any upset victory. With Dartmeisters having stability in the Mixed Doubles to the Thunderbolts lack of it, they have a distinct advantage there. Nitin Kumar provides them with a person who can take on a stacked Doubles pairing singlehandedly. But, he would require consistent support to finish off games easier. Farman and Shubham have done impeccable jobs for both teams in the Open Singles. With both of them also able to not only support but also lead Doubles pairings, this gives them both strategic flexibility. The X-Factors for each team would be Shubhash Patra and Prangon Chowdhury. They both will have a lot expected of them when the crunch situations arise. Who will fall? The Dartmeisters haven’t so far. The Thunderbolts have. The Dartmeisters though have a big advantage here with inform Puja Sahni being a positive sign for them. She hasn’t had an off game so far and the Thunderbolts will have to deal with her one way or the other.

Match 4 – Tungsten Creed Vs Avengers (B1 Vs A4)

Team Tungsten Creed have been untouchable with their winning lineup this edition. With their Open Doubles pairing going guns blazing and multiple 3-0 whitewashes in the Group Stages they have a team that’s in form and haven’t looked like dipping as the tournament enters it’s final stages. The Avengers on the other hand have been inconsistent and needed a win in their final game to make it to this juncture. If we look for star power, the Avengers have Raahat Kapoor and Mudit Sadani while the Tungsten Creed have current National Champion Sneha Srivastava and Ankit Chowhury. With support players involving Mayur Agarwal, Rajnish Kansal Bharti Mandapaka and Dishant Thakkar – the Avengers seem to lack in the scoring department which has led to their downfall multiple times. The Creed however, have Kumarial Singh, Abhishek Dhanuka and captain Arnab Raha who have not only been playing at a high clip but also turning up at big moments with winning performances. The lineup will be crucial here – Raahat and Mudit will be carrying heaps of pressure to win their games. If they fail – it will be hard to beat a team with the current form the Tungsten Creed possess.

Group A & B – Results (Day 5)

The finals games of the Group stages are done – how many prayers were answered? How many upsets were there? Who got the top four spots in each group? Lets recap –

Match 1 – Avengers Vs Dart Lords

The Avengers are fighting for a playoff spot with a 1-3 record while the Dart Lords are still undefeated.

The Avengers first send in their captain – Raahat Kapoor with Bharti Manadapaka up against Mayur Nahata and Sunaina Mitra of the Dart Lords. The Dart Lords take a 1-0 lead. The Open Doubles had the Avengers putting forth the duo of Rajnish Kansal and Dhruv Malik up against Rohit Chowdhury and Abhishek Chowdhury of the Dart Lords – The Avengers pull off the win to set up a decider. In the Open Singles The Dart Lords captain, Avijit Dutta, steps up to the plate against Mudit Sadani of the Avengers. Mudit leads his team to the win and final playoff spot while the Dart Lords still end up topping their group. Both teams went with decent lineups though I feel that Raahat could have played in the Open Doubles and swapped with Rajnish Kansal. I get that he tried to take the fight to the Dart Lords and it could have worked if they didn’t have an uber strong pair up front. The Open Doubles was a hail mary for both teams and the last game was a crucial one which Mudit managed to snag. The Avengers will put up a fight against whoever they lineup against tomorrow.

Match 2 – Dartmeisters Vs Kairon Darters

The Kairon Darters are in 3rd spot in Group A and need a decent game to go through to the knockout phase. A loss of 2-1 would get them there, depending on the results of other games. the Dartmeisters though have already booked their place in the Knockout phases and would mostly plan on trying different lineups here to perfect their already impeccable team chemistry.

Kairon goes up front with the father-daughter pairing of Piyush Bosmia and Mahi Bosmia. They however fall against Puja Sahni and Shubhash Patra. After taking a 1-0 lead the Dartmeisters then unleash their best pairing of Vikash Jhajharia and Farmul Haque to snatch the victory against Sangam Roy and Deepak Jain. The final Open Singles saw Vishwanath Pai of the Dartmeisters take the win against Madhu Lakhotia of Kairon and subsequently a 3-0 win which leaves the Kairon Darters spiraling down the standings to 5th and out of the playoffs. Dartmeisters have another lineup in their arsenal that can work in the knockout phases. Kairon went wrong with their lineup. With Shubhash and Puja and their other pairing of Vikash and Puja performing well throughout the tournament there was a lot of pressure for them to win the game. They could have actually opted for a dummy game in the Mixed Doubles. I know – it takes a lot of guts to do such a thing. But, you will have to when everything is on the line. With Dartmeisters normally finishing games off with Farman or Shubhash they could have rolled the dice by going with Sangam and Piyush in the Open Doubles and leaving Deepak Jain to take his chances against Farman or Shubhash for the win. Coincidentally, this lineup could have also won them the game even though the Dartmeisters didn’t go this route. All deniers of this theory please note – I mentioned “could have” everywhere.

Match 3 – Ditviaan Vs Sharp Shooters

Both teams are in precarious positions with 1-3 records. However, Ditviaan will need a win and a loss from the Avengers to go through while Sharp Shooters just require a win to reach the knockout stages.

The Sharp Shooters shock everyone by going with a mouth watering lineup of Ankit Goenka and Jolly Chanda in the Mixed Doubles against Ditviaans Vikash Kothari and Sneha Agarwal. The Sharp Shooters take a 1-0 lead and pile a tonne of pressure on Ditviaan. The Open Doubles see Vidhul Goenka and Rachit Malik of Team Ditviaan taking on Sauvik Mitra and Rahul Shaw. Sharp Shooters pull of the victory and a playoff spot after winning the game and taking a 2-0 lead. The final Open Singles game saw Hrithik Gupta of Ditviaan up against Gautam Jhangiani of the Sharp Shooters. Hrithik takes the solitary game for Ditviaan to finish at a scoreline of 2-1. The Sharp Shooters have vaulted to the number 3 spot while Ditviaan make their way out of the tournament. The Sharp Shooters did the unexpected by going with Ankit and Jolly in the Mixed Doubles taking out captain Vikash in the process. However, looking at the lineups Ditviaan did have 50-50 of a chance. Hrithik did win his Singles. Their Open Doubles failed terribly under pressure. I get that they would have had plans of tackling other players such as Ankit, etc in the Open Doubles. But, Darts is a mental sport and if they couldn’t change their mentality from a defensive mindset to an attacking one when your back is against the ropes, that’s just suicide. You cannot take Ankit’s haymakers. But, the rest of the team were fair game. They only have themselves to blame here. Yes, the Avengers took their win as well which meant that Ditviaan would have bowed out of the tournament anyways – but this virtually cemented their last place spot. Not pretty. Vikash’s anxiety levels – High (Hopefully he will get over it by the end of the month)

Match 4 – Royal Super Knights Vs Warriors

Royal Super Knights have assured themselves a spot in the playoffs while the Warriors need a little help in the form of a loss from the Trihoot Rockers to get into the knockout stages.

The Royal Super Knights send out their captain Sandeep Chhajer along with Vedika Sureka to take on the Mixed Doubles pairing of Vishal Mehta and Asha Bosmia. The Warriors take an early 1-0 lead leading up the the second event – the Open Doubles. Warriors go strong with Vinamra Garg and Ankita Upadhyay against the Super Knights duo of Viral Mehta and Sumit Mitra. The Royal Super Knights tie it up at one a piece and to a decider. The Warriors have Rahul Shahi up against Akash Baid for the Super Knights. Akash Baid continues to improve his record in the Open Singles obtaining the victory and in the process sends the Warriors packing. The Royal Super Knights went in with a good lineup. The Warriors handled that well. However, knowing that the Super Knights have a tendency of pushing Akash in the Singles, they should have split their duo of Vinamra and Ankita so that they would have a better chance in the Open Singles. They went strong up top – but they’re a different team with Shantanu Das in the lineup. Can’t do that with this lineup. Absolutely not. If they did need a 3-0 victory also, only putting an effective 3-event lineup would have achieved that. Once, that’s done pray that the solitary star in the Open Doubles plays out of their mind and gets ample support to take the win. Easy to deduct, extremely hard to do – but it has been done before.

Match 5 – Shedsters Vs Trihoot Rockers

The Shedsters were the first team to bow out of the knockout phases after a forgettable run in their previous matches. They will be looking to go out with a bang though. Trihoot Rockers on the other hand are almost assured of a place in the knockout phases – the only way they’re knocked out – they lose 0-3 and the Warriors win 3-0.

The Shedsters start off with a Mixed Doubles pairing of Arjun Bhadra and Priyanka Kothari against an inform Asha Mehta and Jayat Misra of the Rockers. The Warriors duo continue their impressive streak and take a 1-0 lead. The Shedsters take a game back from the Rockers to tie it at 1-1 after an Amit Singh and Manoj Nathani win over Anuj Agarwal and Kriti Malik. The deciding Open Singles game saw Shedsters captain Kriti Chugh take on Rockers captain Writam Basu. Kriti Chugh comes out with the victory and the Shedsters tournament ends on a high. The Trihoot Rockers however have done enough to take the final spot in the knockout phases. As mentioned before, Kriti is arguably, if not in my head, the best Indian Ladies player when it comes to putting up huge scoring numbers. When on song – she is extremely hard to beat and it seems hard for her to even miss at times. Writam was on the receiving side of that today but it just shows that if used properly, Arjun Bhadra and Kriti Chugh could have changed what was written in the Shedsters fates. Hope the same mistakes aren’t committed again.

Match 6 – Thunderbolts Vs Tungsten Creed

Both teams already assured their spot in the knockouts after their previous wins. Tungsten Creed are undoubtedly Group – B’s number 1 team while the Thunderbolts need a win to stick to their 3rd spot while a loss would send them down to 4th.

The Thunderbolts send Nada Yasmeen and Veer Kundalia for the Open Doubles against Nivedita Sarkar and Kumarial Singh of the Creed. Tungsten Creed take an early 1-0 lead. Ankit Chowdhury and Pritish Sanghani fall in the Open Doubles to Nitin Kumar and Prangon Chowdhury sending the game to a decider. The Open Singles saw Shubham Agarwal take the oche against Abhishek Dhanuka of Tungsten Creed. Shubham takes the win and assures the Thunderbolts of the 3rd spot in the rankings while the loss only dents the the win totals of the Tungsten Creed and doesn’t affect their position in any way. Tungsten had to make use of Pritish and Nivedita while Thunderbolts had to use the services of Veer. Looking at giving away a game in the Open Doubles, the Thunderbolts went bottom heavy while the Creed took a balanced lineup. It all fell to the last game which wasn’t easy to call. Thunderbolts took their chances knowing that they wouldn’t fall out of contention while Tungsten Creed just went through the motions and were able to take the loss in their stride.

Special Mention – Ankit Shaw, Mayur Nahata and Nitin Kumar join Vikash Jhajharia as the 180 hitters. Arnabs high finish is still going strong at 119.

BDT-2 Standings (After Day-4)

Group B – Results (Day 4)

Match 1 – Royal Super Knights Vs Thunderbolts

The Royal Super Knights are undefeated while the Thunderbolts are 1-1. Will the Super Knights lengthen their streak or will the Thunderbolts start the day off with a bang.

The Royal Super Knights come up with a surprising but productive lineup putting Viral Mehta and Vedika Sureka in the Mixed Doubles to face Prangon Chowdhury and Nada Yasmeen. The Thunderbolts fall 0-1. Nitin Kumar and Veer Kundalia send the game to a decider after a victory against Ranib Chowdhury and Srinjoy Sen. Both Akash Baid and Shubham Agarwal were given the responsibility of taking the victory in the Open Singles for the Super Knights and Thunderbolts respectively. Akash Baid comes out on top to send the Thunderbolts into a spiral and lead the Royal Super Knights to a 3-0 record. The lineup was a good one from the Super Knights, choosing to go strong in the Mixed Doubles and also subdue Nitin’s effect on the result. They succeeded and even though the Akash pulled through, it was still a ballsy move that wasn’t expected – Good stuff..

Match 2 – Shedsters Vs Warriors

Both teams are coming off forgettable Day-2 matches. With both languishing at the bottom of the group with 0-2 records, we will have to see how they progress now. The urgency levels have sky rocketed.

 Warriors start off with a strong pairing of Vinamra Garg and Ankit Upadhyay taking on SK. Monirul and Priyanka Kothari. The Warriors take an early 1-0 lead. The next event saw the Shedsters pair Kriti Chugh with Amit Singh to take on the Warriors duo of Vishal Mehta and Shantanu Das. The Warriors cement their victory with a 2-0 lead leading into the final Open Singles event. Arjun Bhadra gives the Shedsters their solitary point in the outing with a victory over Rahul Shahi to end up losing with a scoreline of 1-2. The Warriors went ultra aggressive here choosing not to give the Shedsters a sliver of hope and it worked with all their stars performing in unison – This is how dangerous they can be. My only question for the Shedsters is this – Why is a huge difference maker like Arjun Bhadra being used at the end? Their position in the standing warrants urgency and Arjun coming in before hand atleast provides them with the chance of forcing a decider, putting him in the Open Singles – he would most likely play after the team has already lost. Which would you choose – Sure shot loss? Or Glimmer of Hope?

Match 3 – Trihoot Rockers Vs Tungsten Creed

The Trihoot Rockers will be looking to start well following their 1-1 result on Day-2. Their opponents – Tungsten Creed have a perfect record and will be looking to stay perfect.

Tungsten Creed start the game with a Kumarial Singh and Sneha Srivastava pairing against the Rockers duo of Writam Basu and Kriti Malik. The Rockers fall giving the Creed a 1-0 lead. The Creed double the tally and get the win with their pairing of Ankit Chowdhury and Abhishek Dhanuka beating the Rockers duo of Ankit Shaw and Jayat Misra. Tungsten Creed captain, Arnab Raha adds further insult to injury as he beats Asha Mehta giving the Tungsten Creed a 3-0 whitewash and dampening the Trihoot Rockers hopes of qualifying for the Knockout stages. Tungsten Creed went with their full lineup, choosing to take a win and cement their place in the knockouts and push for a higher spot in the following games. Trihoot Rockers missed the bluff and went accordingly heading into the game like lambs to a slaughter. How will this affect their Knockout chances? They are too good of a team not to go through.

Match 4 – Tungsten Creed Vs Royal Super Knights

One winning streak will snap – both the undefeated teams on Group-B will have to slug it out. Who will be able to come out on top? Lets see –

Tungsten Creed are finally forced to change their lineup with Ankit Chowdhury pairing up with Nivedita Sarkar in the Mixed Doubles. The Super Knights choose to open with Akash Baid and Vedika Sureka. Changing lineups don’t seem to affect the Creed who take a 1-0 lead to pile the pressure on the Super Knights. Abhishek Chowdhury and Pritish Sanghiani continue the assault on the Super Knights snagging the victory against Sandeep Chhajer and Srinjoy Sen for an un-surmountable 2-0 lead. The last leg saw Viral Mehta of the Royal Super Knights take them to a 1-2 loss against Arnab Raha. Wait Wait Wait.. Viral Mehta in the Open Singles? This was the Super Knights version of taking knives to a gun fight. Bad bad decision. I do feel that with him playing up top anywhere would have given them the win. There goes their top spot.

Match 5 – Thunderbolts Vs Shedsters

The Thunderbolts are at a 1-2 record while the Shedsters are yet to bank a game in. With the chance of a low knockout berth in the balance, who will come out victorious?

The Shedsters commence the game with a capable duo of Kriti Chugh and SK. Monirul up against the Thunderbolts pairing of Shubham Agarwal and Nikita Mittal. The Thunderbolts gain the advantage with a 1-0 early lead. The Thunderbolts then unleash their duo of Nitin Kumar and Prangon Chowdhury to face Amit Singh and Siddartha Deb Roy of the Shedsters. The Shedsters fall 0-2 and are now surely out of contention for the Knockout Stages. In the final Open Singles event, Arjun Bhadra salvages a point for the Shedsters with the scoreline ending 2-1 to the Thunderbolts. The Shedsters didn’t learn their lesson from the last game – Arjun was again a non-factor and no matter how close the games were, not having someone like him to turn the tide in your favor is just not acceptable. The Shedsters have just shot themselves in the foot here – their strategy has ruined their chances of a Knockout spot. The Thunderbolts on the other hand have a good chance of getting to the Knockout stages – they play the undefeated Tungsten Creed next – their margin for error in that game will be very very slim.

Match 6 – Warriors Vs Trihoot Rockers

With both teams holding on to a dangerous 1-2 record at this juncture, which team will rise in the standings? Which will fall? I certainly didn’t expect these two teams in this position at the start of the tournament. No matter how great the roster – performance is key. Perfect example of that in the tournament – The Tungsten Creed.

The Warriors continue to start with the same starting pair that helped in reeling in their first win of the tournament – Vinamra Garg and Ankita Upadhyay. However, they came up against Jayat Misra and Asha Metha who are yet to be beaten this BDT-2 – and they continue to remain undefeated giving the Rockers a precious 1-0 lead. Vishal Mehta and Shantanu Das pull a game back for the Warriors to send the game into a decider that could determine both teams fates for the rest of the tournament. Ankit Shaw of the Rockers pulls of the victory against Sanjeev Ray handing the Warriors a huge loss which leaves their knockout chances hanging by a thread. The Warriors went with the right lineup here. And upset victory at the top against an inform duo is all it was to virtually kick them out of the tournament. They still have an outside chance – But that will only be seen in their last game. The Trihoot Rockers on the other hand and in a far better position – they will also have to perform in their last game to cement a place in the Knockouts – they’re not out of the woods yet.

Group A – Results (Day 3)

Match 1 – Avengers Vs Ditviaan

On the 2nd day of matches for Group A – Ditviaan will be looking to fight back after two disappointing losses on day 1. The Avengers coming of a 1-1 record will be looking to gain some ground on the leaders with two wins on the day.

Avengers send in Rajnish Kansal and Bharti Mandapaka as their Mixed Doubles pairing against Ditviaans Hrithik Gupta and Sneha Agarwal. Ditviaan take a 1-0 advantage. The Open Doubles had Ditviaans duo of Vikash Kothari and Vidhul Goenka taking on Mudit Sadani and Mayur Agarwal. Ditviaan triumphs in the event giving them their first win of the BDT-2. In the last consolation game Avengers captain Raahat Kapoor got a game back beating Vidhi Tanvi to end the match at 2-1. Ditviaan went all guns blazing and Avengers chose to ride out the initial storm – the issue was that Raahat didn’t have a say in the game – too big of a gamble at this point against a Ditviaan team that didn’t have anything going for them two days back.

Match 2 – Dartmeisters Vs Dart Lords

Both teams are still undefeated – until now. Current champions, Dartmeisters have proven that they have all it takes to win. The Dart Lords have also proven that they are a force to reckon with. Let’s see the outcome.

The Dartmeisters go in with their undefeated duo of Vikash Jhajharia and Puja Sahni against Abhishek Chowdhury and Sunaina Mitra. In an upset win, the Dart Lords take a surprising 1-0 lead giving them a huge advantage in the next few events. Farmanul Haque and Saran Casyab get the better of the Dart Lords duo of Avijit Dutta and Rahul Panja to get the Dartmeisters back with a fighting chance in the decider. In the final event – Mayur Nahata of the Dart Lords beats Vishwanath Pai for a big win and cements their lead in Group-A. Full credit to the Dart Lords, but they still needed someone to play out of their skins and they got that in Abhishek Chowdhury and Sunaina Mitra in the first event upset to lead up to the victory. Just shows what you’ll need to do to beat the defending champs. It will be interesting to see how they rebound from this.

Match 3 – Kairon Darters Vs Sharp Shooters

Kairon will be looking to increase their win tally today while the Sharp Shooters will be looking get back to winning as they still are yet to do so.

Kairon puts up Sangam Roy and Mahi Bosmia to set up a stiff contest against the Sharp Shooters pairing of Jolly Chanda and Chirag Thakkar in the Mixed Doubles event. Kairon go up 1-0. The Sharp Shooters play their trump in the Open Doubles pairing Ankit Goenka with Gautam Jhanghiani who take out Deepak Jain and Rajesh Chandan and bring the game back to level ground. Captain Piyush Bosmia of Kairon is the last man standing as he defeats Sauvik Mitra to deny the Sharp Shooters their 1st win of the tournament. Kairon did what was required – get a win against either Jolly or Ankit and win another event. What’s worse is that the Sharp Shooters can’t do anything about it either.

Match 4 – Sharp Shooters Vs Avengers

The Sharp Shooters are 0-3 while the Avengers are 1-2. Both teams require the win here. Against most teams there are a lot of factors involved into winning – against the Sharp Shooters it’s just two things – Will the Avengers be able to beat Jolly and Ankit?

The Avengers start off with a Mixed Doubles pairing of Mudit Sadani and Bharti Manadapaka against Jolly Chanda and Sauvik Mitra. The Sharp Shooters take their first Mixed Doubles game of the tournament and the whole arena can already taste the blood in the water. “Sir” Ankit Goenka walks in partnering Rahul Shaw and takes care of business against the Avengers duo of Mayur Agarwal and Dishant Thakkar. Avengers captain Raahat Kapoor helps avoid a clean sweep with a solitary win over Chirag Thakkar for a final scoreline of 2-1. As I have said before – all that was needed for the Sharp Shooters was just one glimmer of hope. And then “Sir” pops out of nowhere with his three rows of razor sharp teeth.. Talk about “giving a finger and taking the hand”. Raahat again was a non-factor in the game – it’s criminal to put a player of his caliber towards the end in must win games. CRIMINAL!!

So both the Sharp Shooters and Avengers end up with a Win-Loss records of 1-3. Their final games will be crucial to see if any of them manage to get into the final playoff spot in the group.

Match 5 – Ditviaan Vs Dartmeisters

Are Ditviaan going to start a winning streak? Is it the start of a losing streak for the Dartmeisters? Can things change so much after just one game?

Ditviaan look to strategy against the Dartmeisters with an opening Mixed Doubles pairing of Rachit Malik and Vidhi Tanvi up against Farmanul Haque and Puja Sahni. The Dartmeisters take a 1-0 lead but Ditviaan is in it for the long haul. Ditviaans duo of Vikash Kothari and Vidhul Goenka get the better of Divyak Doshi and Saran Casyab to bring both teams to a stalemate. The deciding rubber saw Hrithik Gupta of Ditviaan facing Vikash Jhajharia of Dartmeisters. At the end it was the Dartmeisters captain that hit the decisive double and put his team back on the winning path. Ditviaan had to play their other players, so did the Dartmeisters. If this meant that the only game that would be crucial was the Open Singles – why didn’t Vikash play there? In hindsight it was the right play and Ditviaan just got beat by the better team.

Dartmeisters now have a 3-1 with Ditviaan at a 1-3 Win-Loss Record leading up to their final games. The Dartmeisters will be looking at finishing strong while team Ditviaan will be looking to end on a high, giving them an outside chance of qualifying to the Knockout stages.

Match 6 – Dart Lords Vs Kairon Darters

The Dart Lords have a perfect record so far and will look at keeping that record intact against Kairon, who on the other hand will be looking for their 3rd win in 4 matches. How would this match fare?

The Dart Lords continue their pairing of Abhishek Chowdhury and Sunaina Mitra who take the event win against Kairons Rahul Burman and Madhu Lakhotia for a 1-0 lead. Kairon lead the fightback with Sangam Roy and Deepak Jain beating Avijit Dutta and Karan Singh to force the game to a decider. In a showdown of two established players – Mayur Nahata of the Dart Lords gets the better of Piyush Bosmia to help the team finish undefeated after two days of play. Kairon went with a good lineup – it hinged on Piyush winning under pressure, which didn’t happen.

The Win-Loss record for the Dart Lords are at 4-0 while Kairon Darters are on 2-2. The Dart Lords should win Group-A unless their last game is a shocker. Kairon on the other hand will need a win to ensure that they get into the Knockout stages. If not, the nitty-gritty aka “Set/Head to Head Record” comes into play. Now, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t want to go to that place of uncertainty.

Group B – Results (Day 2)

Match 1 – Royal Super Knights Vs Shedsters

The Shedsters, last editions dream chasers return to the BDT2 for another shot at the title while the Royal Super Knights will be looking to avenge the upsets they had at the BDT-1.

The Shedsters start off with a strong pairing in the Mixed Doubles with Kriti Chugh and Arjun Bhadra taking on Vedika Sureka and Sandeep Chhajer. The Shedsters take an early 1-0 lead. The Super Knights captain Viral Mehta leads the fightback with his partner Ranjib Chowdhury to beat Siddhartha Deb Roy and SK Monirul to push for a decider. Akash Baid of the Royal Super Knights gets the better of Amit Singh to give them their first win of the BDT-2. The strategy for the Shedsters was spot on – they were banking on a very capable Amit Singh taking the last singles which didn’t happen. The Royal Super Knights are a very balanced team that can play any way depending on their opponents roster.

Match 2 – Thunderbolts Vs Trihoot Rockers

Both the Thunderbolts and Trihoot Rockers return for a second time around to lift the coveted title of Bengal Darts Tour Champions. With neither team having a bad auction it will be interesting to see how these very different rosters fare in the tournament.

Asha Mehta and Jayat Misra of the Rockers give them an early lead in the Mixed Doubles against Prangon Chowdhury and Nikita Mittal. Ankit Shaw and Gautam Bhuyan fall to the Thunderbolts duo of Nitin Kumar and Shubham Agarwal to lead up to a decider. Rockers captain Writam fires the final nail into the coffin and gives the Rockers their first win of the BDT-2 against Saubhadra in the final rubber. The Thunderbolts went fishing for Writam hoping that Nitin would be able to take him on – the only thing they caught on the line was a 0 in the Win column.

Match 3 – Tungsten Creed Vs Warriors

The BDT-1 finalists, Warriors return this edition with an improved roster looking to get another shot at the title. They face the giant killers from the last edition in the Tungsten Creed.

Tungsten start off with a strong pairing of Sneha Srivastava and Kumarial Singh against Shantanu Das and Asha Bosmia of the Warriors. The Warriors duo fails to get any points on the board and fall 0-1 down. Ankit Chowdhury and Abhishek Dhanuka of Tungsten Creed pull off a stunning upset win against Ankita Upadhyay and Vishal Mehta to give the Tungsten Creed a 2-0 lead and the win. Arnab Raha completes a 3-0 whitewash in the Open Singles for the Creed against Vinamra Garg to end an awful opening game for the Warriors. The Warriors do depend too much on their main stars. With them almost assured of a spot in the lineup every time – they cannot afford hiccups like these if they are to dominate the other teams in the group. Tungsten Creed have pulled off the upset of the tournament so far with this victory – how much more fuel do they have in their tanks to burn?

Match 4 – Shedsters Vs Tungsten Creed

The Shedsters will be looking to bounce back after their loss in the previous game while Tungsten Creed will be riding their form on the back of their stunning victory against the Warriors previous game.

Kriti Chugh swaps partners with Amit Singh for the Shedsters and gives them an early 1-0 lead after defeating the Creeds Sneha Srivastava and Kumarial Singh. Ankit Chowdhury and Abhishek Dhanuka continue their unbeaten form snagging back the advantage to a duece against Arjun Bhadra and Siddhartha Deb Roy of the Shedsters. The final rubber saw captain Arnab Raha cement the Tungsten Creed win against Manoj Nathani of the Shedsters. Could the Shedsters have gone with Arjun Bhadra in the Open Singles? Considering the strong Open Doubles pairing the Creed possess? In hindsight – yes. Ideally, now that I think of it – definitely. The Tungsten Creed end the day with a two for two in the kitty while the Shedsters are yet to open their account.

Match 5 – Trihoot Rockers Vs Royal Super Knights

Promising to be a good game – two heavyweights of Group B taking on each other following wins in their previous games.

The Rockers start off with Asha Mehta and Jayat Misra taking a 1-0 lead against Vedika Sureka and Akash Baid. The Super Knights pull a game back in the Open Doubles with captain Sandeep Chhajer and Sumit Mitra beating Gautam Bhuyan and Anuj Agarwal. The final rubber was an enticing affair with both teams star players looking to lead their team to a perfect days record. Viral Mehta of the Super Knights proves to be the better person this day and gets the better of Writam Basu to give the Royal Super Knights the win 2-1. Were the Rockers right in playing Anuj Agarwal this early against a team of the Super Knights caliber? Would Ankit Shaw have made a difference? Guess we would never know. The Trihoot Rockers finish the day with a Win-Loss record on 1-1 while the Royal Super Knights march on undefeated.

Match 6 – Warriors Vs Thunderbolts

With both teams looking to open their accounts after losses, do the Thunderbolts have what it takes to take on a Warriors roster trying to get over their surprising defeat from earlier on in the day?

Ankita Upadhyay and Sanjeev Ray fall to Nitin Kumar and Nada Yasmeen giving the Thunderbolts an early 1-0 lead in the final game of the day. The Thunderbolts pairing of Prangon Chowdhury and Saubhadra Dasgupta fall to Vinamra Garg and Shantanu Das sending the game to a final decider. Shubham Agarwal of the Thunderbolts takes the win after a huge upset defeat over Vishal Mehta in the Open Singles. The Thunderbolts rode their luck this time again to a 1-1 result after Day 2 and though strategically the Warriors bettered them – their stars didn’t fire for a 2nd game in a row. There will be extreme amounts of pressure on the Warriors who have to make up for these losses in the remaining games. I wouldn’t bet against them yet though, they still have a trio who is established and have achieved the highest laurels in Indian Darts. Can’t ever doubt the fighting spirit of a champion.

Special Mention – Vikash Jhajharia of Team Dartmeisters gets the 1st 180 of the BDT-2 & Arnab Raha of Tungsten Creed finished strong with a 119 finish. 😉

Group A – Results (Day 1)

Match 1 – Avengers Vs Dartmeisters

The reigning champions Dartmeisters will be looking to repeat as champs with a re-bolstered team this time around. They face a stiff contest against the Avengers, a team making its debut and looking to stamp some authority in the tournament.

The Dartmeisters go in with a good lineup – assuring one game in the Mixed Doubles with a strong pairing of captain Vikash Jhajharia and in-form Puja Sahni. Taking on Raahat Kapoor and Bharti Mandapaka, they give the Dartmeisters an early lead 1-0. Having more than capable players following them in the Open Doubles and Singles, they can afford to take that gamble. The Avengers take the Open Doubles with Mudit Sadani and Mayur Agarwal getting the best of Vishwanath Pai and Shubhash Patra to tie the game at 1 a piece. The final rubber saw Farmanul Haque reeling the win in for the Dartmeisters against Dishant Thakkar. The non-inclusion of veteran Rajnish Kansal might have hurt the Avengers here in this game. He adds flexibility to the lineup and which they sorely needed against the champs.

Match 2 – Ditviaan Vs Kairon Darters

Ditviaan are looking to fire back after their semifinal outing in the last edition. With a total makeover and new captain Vikash Kothari taking over – will they be able to take the next step? Kairon on the other hand are looking to bounce back after a sub-par BDT1. However, they did well at the auctions and have a team that can take them to the promised land.

Kairon start out strong with a Mixed Doubles pairing of Sangam Roy and Mahi Bosmia to take on Ditviaans pairing of Hrithik Gupta and Sneha Agarwal. Kairon took an expected early lead 1-0. Ditviaans Open Doubles pairing of Vikash Kothari and Vidhi Tanvi got the better of Deepak Jain and Rahul Burman to tie the game up a 1-1. In-form captain Piyush Bosmia of Kairon then led them to the win against Vidhul Goenka for a 2-1 scoreline. Ditviaan went terribly wrong here – if they went all guns blazing with a Vikash/Sneha pairing and a Vidhul/Hrithik pairing – I feel they stood a better chance of taking the game. Even though, Kairon got the win I feel that they shouldn’t be too predictable with providing Mahi Bosmia with a regular player like Piyush or Sangam – the teams with better rosters would eat them up.

Match 3 – Dart Lords Vs Sharp Shooters

The Dart Lords will have another shot at the title this time after their failure in the last edition. Sharp Shooters making their debut and snagging Ankit Goenka and Jolly Chanda will look to make their own in-roads to the top of the leaderboard

Dart Lords start off strong with a strong Mixed doubles pairing of Mayur Nahata and “Little Wonder” Sunaina Mitra. They manage to win against the pairing of Jolly Chanda and Sauvik Mitra. The Open Doubles saw Dart Lords take the win with their duo of Karan Singh and Rahul Panja beating Rahul Shaw and Amit Mehta. Captain Avijit Dutta took on Ankit Goenka in the Open Singles in a losing cause giving the Sharp Shooters their sole win in the game ending 2-1 to the Dart Lords. The Dart Lords went with the perfect lineup against the Sharp Shooters. We will see a lot more of this in the upcoming games. No matter how good Jolly and Ankit are – they cannot win games by themselves and they will rely on their team for support – They can either win or lose but if the support isn’t there – they will end up on the wrong side every single time.

Match 4 – Dartmeisters Vs Sharp Shooters

The Dartmeisters look to end Day-1 with two wins in a row and the Sharp Shooters are looking to bounce back from a forgettable opening game.

The Sharp Shooters change it up a bit and pair Jolly Chanda with Amit Mehta. The Dartmeisters on the other hand continue to go with Vikash and Puja who give them the event win. Ankit pairs up with Chirag Thakkar and beats the Dartmeister duo of Divyak Doshi and Shubhash Patra to lead the game to a decider. The Dartmeisters have Farmanul Haque in the Open Singles up against Sauvik Mitra – Farman leads them to two wins in a row and only dampens the mood of the Sharp Shooters even further. The Dartmeisters simply have the better roster, more flexibility and championship pedigree. The Sharp Shooters at this juncture have only hope – hope that they can win their next 3 games to get through to the knockout stages.

Match 5 – Dart Lords Vs Ditviaan

With both the rosters of the Dart Lords and Kairon Darters similar in most regards – Team Ditviaan should be looking at a win after learning their lesson from the last game. The Dart Lords on the other hand will be looking to make it two wins in a row and end the night on a high.

Ditviaan changes up their lineup and starts the Mixed Doubles with a Vikash Kothari / Sneha Agarwal pairing. Going up against a repeat of Mayur Nahata and Sunaina Mitra – who take an upset win. Avijit Dutta and Rohit Chowdhury are the Open Doubles pairing for the Dart Lords taking on Hrithik Gupta and Vidhul Goenka from Ditviaan. They manage to take the win and squash any hopes of a decider here. The Open doubles saw Ditviaan put up Rachit Malik against Rahul Panja. Rahul Panja takes the win giving the Dart Lords a surprising white wash over Ditviaan to end Day-1. One question for Ditviaan – why not leave either Hrithik or Vidhul for the Open Singles? Why go up against Sunaina and a Mayur pairing when Vikash can go in the Open Doubles? Yes, the first game was an unexpected loss – but in hindsight this should have been the better lineup. That’s a huge strategic mishap which Ditviaan could have totally avoided. They can still do well in their upcoming matches, their roster gives them the capability to do so – They need to show urgency now or else it will be too late.

Match 6 – Kairon Darters Vs Avengers

With each team on opposite sides of the Win-Loss column – will Kairon be the third team to go undefeated on Day-1? Will the Avengers be the third team to go without a win on Day-1? This is totally unexpected. Avengers stack up well against Kairon which most people might not notice, they do have the better roster overall.

Kairon Darters go in with the father-daughter pairing of Piyush Bosmia and Mahi Bosmia in the Open Doubles against Dhruv Malik and Bharti Manadapaka of the Avengers. Kairon go up 1-0. The Avengers pairing of Mudhit Sadani and Dishant Thakkar bring it back to 1 a piece against Deepak Jain and Rajesh Chandan. The Open Singles of Kairons Sangam Roy and Avengers captain Raahat Kapoor would decide each teams fate. Sangam falls to Raahat and the each team now ends Day-1 with a 1-1 Win-Loss record. The Kairon strategy will be key against teams with better rosters. They’re too predictable with Mahi pairing up with Sangam or Piyush – though it does give them the win. It adds too much pressure on the other players to take the next two events as teams with better rosters would go quite strong in the Open Doubles and Singles – Somewhat similar to what happened right now. And the Avengers didn’t have Rajnish Kansal for this game either – just putting that out there.

Bengal Darts Tour 2 – Schedule

The Bengal Darts Tour is back for it’s 2nd edition. Team Dartmeisters will be looking to make it a Double Whammy after retaining two of their star players in captain Vikash Jhajharia and Puja Sahni. Runner’s up, Team Warriors brought back Ankita Upadhyay and Vinamra Garg and are keen on getting another shot at the title. Another ten more teams and an increased player pool that saw 84 players going under the hammer, made for an enticing auction filled with delightful puns from Arnab Raha – our auctioneer. Here below are how the teams have been stacked up –

With two new teams entering the fray – “Avengers” and “Sharp Shooters”, the team rosters look a lot more balanced than the last edition. Most team owners have now gotten a feel of what kind of players are needed and how to build their lineups. Of course, not every team is equal and for this edition here’s what we do – Star Player Grade + Support Grade + Rotation Grade + Overall Team Grade. Let’s see who are the teams to watch out for.

Team 1- Dartmeisters

It only feels right to start with the defending champions in this new segment. They are keen on a repeat result and have had a good auction.

Star Player Grade – A

At 31 points, retaining their captain Vikash Jhajharia, who took them over quite a few obstacles in BDT-1 was of utmost importance. He’s someone who is calm under pressure, has the mental fortitude to handle a team in crunch situations and has a great game to back himself up. Bringing back Puja Sahni was another no-brainer at just 18 points. The Key Women anchors all went above 20 points and Puja is someone who can take on the best women players in India on any given day. Good job!!

Support Grade – A-

Adding Farmanul Haque, is a blessing in disguise. He can play at a high clip when he is on song and has improved since the last edition of the BDT. Getting players like Vishwanath Pai and Subhas Patra only add to their flexibility while Saran Casyab and Divyak Doshi can be dangerous at times.

Rotation Grade – A+

The bare minimum number of female players you can have in a team is 1 – Which is what the Dartmeisters have in Puja Sahni. Having only one female player does have it’s fair share of problems. It cuts down your options by a third as she would be able to play only the Mixed Doubles event. However, if you have a really good female player that can win games by herself and surround her with a good supporting cast – that makes it a lot simpler too. This is exactly what the Dartmeisters have. With Vikash having the flexibility to go in the Open Doubles or the Singles + Farman being able to partner up with Puja in the Mixed, able to partner with another player in the Open Doubles or even play the final Singles Event – they have all their boxes ticked.

Overall Team Grade – A

Have they gotten a better roster from last year – Definitely. Can they be more competitive this time – Stupid question. They are one of the favorites to win it all this edition. Only one thing I can say – The rich keep getting richer. It’ll be a hard task to beat them.

Team 2 – Avengers

Avengers being a new team had a full kitty of 100 points to fill their roster. They will be looking at making a grand entrance and proving many naysayers wrong.

Star Player Grade – A

Picking up Raahat Kapoor at 33 points – arguably India’s best player in the Team Format. He can play any of the events with equal ease and is a fighter till the very end. Another person on the roster – Mudit Sadani – at 35 points. He has improved his game since the last edition and is a Singles specialist on his day. He has also proven that he is mentally ready to perform anywhere in the lineup.

Support Grade – B+

With Bharti Manadapaka being the sole Female player and a pretty heavy scorer at that – They also managed to snag Rajnish Kansal and Dishant Thakkar at 5 points and 1 point respectively which baffles me. With Mayur Agarwal also being a capable player they have a good core of players that can deal quite a few heart breaks. With the young Dhruv Malik rounding off the roster, he will use this as a great chance to learn from some of the best India has to offer.

Rotation Grade – A

With the liberty of having Raahat, Mudit and Rajnish – the Avengers are a team that can go all out in all the events. Bharti being the sole Women’s player does give them less flexibility which would have helped just in case they go for a bottom heavy lineup when up against some of the teams that have top Indian female players. But they can more than make up for it with their heavy scorers all around.

Overall Team Grade – A

Anyone playing them will have to bring their A game. Having heavy scorers that can go off at anytime – Yes. Raahat itching to cause a string of upsets this time around – Yes. Do I personally want to play them – NO.

Team 3 – Ditviaan

Arguably the best team based franchise in India – Ditviaan, suffered last time but still somehow reached the semis after a few key performances from their players. The only team from the last edition not to retain a player they had a full 100 points to make their team on auction night.

Star Player Grade – B+

Getting Vikash Kothari at 54 points as their main anchor and then a much improved “Savage” Vidhul Goenka for 24, they do have a fighting chance against any team they are up against.

Support Grade – C

With two women’s players in Vidhi Tanvi and Sneha Agarwal – they will have to see who their leading lady is, my money though is on Vidhi currently. With the rest of the roster consisting of Rachit Malik, Hrithik Gupta and Abhishek Pittalia I doubt they have the scoring punch that is much needed in the Doubles formats.

Rotation Grade – C

Two female players – Check. Ability to perform well in all three events – Nope. This is where the scoring comes into play. There will be a lot of pressure on Vikash, Vidhul and their leading lady to perform.

Overall Team Grade – B-

With a key player in Vikash who can win an event all by himself – Ditviaan need to sort out which of their other players can they put their trust on to win other events. Vidhul can’t win an event on his own yet, Vidhi can take her Mixed Doubles if she is supported well. But the rest – time will see. Vikashs anxiety levels – Critically High.

Team 4 – Kairon Darters

I did say that I wouldn’t repeat something with regards to their last auction – And I’m so happy that they haven’t repeated the same mistake twice. After retaining Deepak Jain at 6 points, I was left wondering why they didn’t retain Mahi at 20 points – she has only improved since then and would go for ideally the same points total or more. However, they had a decent auction night. Let’s dive into some details and see what kind of a difference 21 points can make. Oops, that just slipped out.

Star Player Grade – A

They managed to bring back Mahi at the same 20 points which is a job well done. Adding to that an in form Piyush Bosmia at 28 points and the dangerous Sangam Roy at 29 points, they’ve gotten themselves a trio of players that can on their given days be a sight to behold. Their points management this time around gets a A+ from my side. I promise that’s the last time I’ll mention that.

Support Grade – A-

With Deepak Jain, Rahul Burman, Rajesh Chandan and another female player in Madhu Lakhotia they do have a well rounded team of players that can lead and support. Nothing wrong here.

Rotation Grade – A

With Mahi as their lead Mixed Doubles player and father Piyush Bosmia able to play any of the events, this gives Sangam the piece of mind to also play wherever he wants – either in the Open Singles or the Open Doubles. With the rest of their roster capable to ably supporting them at all junctures, they will have to stick to a rotation that works for them. There are few teams that have a trio of players that can match their caliber – they will just have to use it to their advantage.

Overall Team Grade – A

A great all-round team that will be able to fight in all the events they play in – They will only need to match their strengths up against their opponents weaknesses. Can they do that? They were criminally wrong in the last edition which cost them quite a few winnable games. I think they’ll do better this time – I’m sure of it.

Team 5 – Royal Super Knights

After retaining Akash Baid and Srinjoy Sen at a total of 10 points the Super Knights had a large kitty of 90 points to fill their roster. After the low performing though incredible roster they had last edition – how have they done this time?

Star Player Grade – A-

Snagging Viral Mehta at 38 points was maybe the buy of the tournament. A very good player who has only been on the rise and is now considered widely around India as one of the best players in the country. With Vedika Sureka they have a female presence who when in stride can whitewash opponents leaving them flabbergasted as to what just happened. Yes, they do have a very good duo of star players.

Support Grade – A

Names like Sandeep Chhajer, Akash Baid, Sumit Mitra, Srinjoy Sen and Ranjib Chowdhury are ideally what you want when you are hunting for players that can support your key players. With Sandeep making great strides and Akash a very capable player in his own right, the Super Knights have a more rounded team than the one they had at the BDT-1.

Rotation Grade – A+

With Vedika being the lone female player, she will need the support she can get to win her events – that support, she has in spades with this team. This gives Viral the chance to move into the Open Doubles or Open Singles and win his respective events for the team. With Sandeep Chhajer, Akash Baid, Sumit Mitra and Ranjib Chowdhury vying for the extra Mixed Doubles spot and both Open Doubles spots we have a roster that is extremely flexible and can take on any team in the tournament.

Overall Team Grade – A

Key Men’s player – Sorted. Key Women’s player – Sorted. Good Roster – Sorted. Ability to win all events – Sorted. Who are the two players they will have sitting down in crunch time – Definitely Not Sorted. Sometimes having too much of a good thing is bad for you. Sometimes.

Team 6 – Sharp Shooters

Another new team entering the fray – the Sharp Shooters are a regular at most Team based Tournaments so it’s a welcome addition to the pool we have. What have they done with their 100 points? Lets have a look –

Star Player Grade – A+

Having players like Ankit Goenka and Jolly Chanda would make any opponent doubt why they took up darts in the first place. The best duo in the tournament – YES!! Both have the ability to win their events singlehandedly. What else would you need?

Support Grade – D

A supporting cast is what you need. That is something that the Sharp Shooters lack in very much. With Chirag Thakkar, Sauvik Mitra, Amit Mehta, Rahul Shaw and Gautam Jhangiani the Sharp Shooters have left themselves in a conundrum. Who supports their star players? Jolly is the only female player and is stuck playing only the Mixed Doubles. Maybe another female player would have given her the flexibility to move into other events? It would have definitely helped the team quite a bit and boosted their chances.

Rotation Grade – C+

As already mentioned – Jolly is relegated to playing only the Mixed Doubles. Ankit would waste the chance of winning another event by teaming up with her, though that would be a mouth watering pair to watch. So who will support her? Will they be able to help her take the event? Does Ankit gamble and play the Singles hoping that Jolly and partner take their event? Does he partner someone in the Open Doubles and hope that he gets the required support? Too many questions.

Overall Team Grade – B-

The teams fate rests on Ankit and Jollys ability to win their events outright. It’s something that not only puts them under a lot of pressure, but also opens them up to losing to pairs / players that they are more than capable of beating. The only reason they get a “B” – Ankit and Jolly will and can win their games, somehow, someway. They have the experience and the game to do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat the best teams and lost to the worst teams.

Team 7 – The Dart Lords

Retaining Mayur Nahata was a job well done. However, not retaining Piyush is another whole mistake in itself. That could have been the starting duo right there, add a good female player at 20-25 points and one if not two good supporting players as budget buys and you’re the favorites to win the tournament.  However, it didn’t happen. Let’s see how this auction panned out for the Dart Lords.

Star Player Grade – A

Finishing the auction with Mayur Nahata, Sunaina Mitra and Avijit Dutta was an amazing feat. Forget about the so called “Duo” I was talking about. These guys went ahead and got themselves a trio!! They had very good top tier player buys this time.

Support Grade – B-

With Rahul Panja, Abhishek Chowdhury, Rohit Chowdhury and Karan Singh, the Dart Lords do have players that can support their key players. However, I don’t see them overtaking games and this does still mean that their trio will have to play well each time to win their respective events.

Rotation Grade – A+

With “Little Wonder” Sunaina Mitra, being their sole female player and having Mayur and Avijit to roam around the events lineup they will definitely have the ability to win all three events. They need two more players that will ease the load off them though? The Dart Lords will have to set that first before they play any crucial matches.

Overall Team Grade – A-

A team that can be ably led by their trio of top tier players. There is a lot of pressure on them though. They can manage if any one of the trio have a bad game – but if two of them don’t perform, they’re losing games they should have won.

Team 8 – The Shedsters

After choosing to retain a very capable duo of supporting players in Arjun Bhadra and Sk. Monirul – the team that showed us glimpses of stardom last time and were looking like a set team before this auction. Let’s see how it turned out.

Star Player Grade – B-

Other than having arguably one of India’s best female players in Kriti Chugh, they don’t seem to have much more here. Given that they do have another female player, it does give her the flexibility to play in other events – but there is a lot of pressure on her to perform as her teams fate depends on it.

Support Grade – C

A team consisting of Arjun Bhadra, Sk. Monirul, Amit Singh, Manoj Nathani, Siddhartha Deb Roy and their other female player, Priyank Kothari – the team is filled with players that are capable players. However, they haven’t struck the right balance of supporting cast members to Top Tier talent. Will they be able to support Kriti if she chooses to play the Mixed Doubles – maybe so. But who else will be able to take on the Open Doubles and Open Singles against the other stacked teams? This is yet to be seen.

Rotation Grade – B-

Two female players – Check. Enough support – Double Check. Ability to outperform other star players – Not Happening. They will still be able to play all three events – playing them all at a high level will be the problem.

Overall Team Grade – C+

This roster was a step in the wrong direction from last years roster. However, most of the players should have improved from last year too. Having a lead female player like Kriti is a plus that every team wishes they could have. I hope the rest of the roster plays above my expectations of them and proves me wrong. I hope.

Team 9 – Thunderbolts

The Thunderbolts retained an up and coming star in Prangon Chowdhury for 5 points and a capable support player in Veer Kundalia for another solitary point. With an almost full kitty, let’s see how the auction ended up for them.

Star Player Grade – A

They managed to get Nitin Kumar at the highest bid of the night at 66 points. He is capable of winning events on his own and provides them with the experience and know how they will need to excel in crucial games.

Support Grade – A+

With a team consisting of two female players – Nikita Mittal and Nada Yasmeen and other players namely – Prangon Chowdhury, Veer Kunadalia, Saubhadra Dasgupta and Shubham Agarwal – the Thunderbolts seem to have players that can play anywhere. With Nikita being quite a good player and also most likely to play the lead female player role, the presence of two female players gives Nikita a chance to float around, if needed. With Prangon, Saubhadra and Shubham being very good players in their own right – it’s quite hard to find another team with a more capable roster of support players.

Rotation Grade – A+

Nikita will most likely play the Mixed Doubles – There are 4 more spots available – another Mixed Doubles spot, two Open Doubles spots and one Open Singles slot. Those would likely be Nitin, Prangon, Saubhadra and Shubham – they can all float wherever they want – Enough said,

Overall Team Grade – A+

The team is well built with an above average Male cast. I can only see them faltering in games where they are outperformed or with bad strategy. They are the favorites to win it all (This might have to do a little with me being biased)

Team 10 – Trihoot Rockers

They were one of my favorite teams in the last edition for the flexibility they possessed. However, bad strategy and bad performances let them down. For the second round they’ve retained an inform Writam Basu at 41 points (He’s definitely worth that amount) and Ankit Shaw at 6 points who again is a very capable player. How else could they add to their team this time around – let’s see

Star Player Grade – A

Having Writam Basu and Asha Mehta on your team is a reason to smile. Having two female players and giving Asha the ability to move around is a reason to smile even wider. This was an underrated strategic ploy that proved to arguably be the reason the Warriors went all the way to the finals at the BDT-1.

Support Grade – B-

With Ankit Shaw, Jayat Mishra, Anuj Agarwal, Gautam Bhuyan and another young female player in Kriti Malik – the team can provide the required support needed for the key players. However, the lack of presence of a support player that can win events on their own hurts them here.

Rotation Grade – C+

They will have to sort out who their main male players are. Looking at that, they will have to sort out if they are better with Asha moving around the lineup and playing other events other than just the Mixed Doubles. Writam will have to win his event – most likely the Open Doubles. Who will win them the Singles if they lose any event? Do they have another player to spare for that? I doubt it. They’re too predictable now.

Overall Team Grade – B

A team with two key players that can win their games – Yes. A duo that will have to depend on their supporting cast for results – Yes. A team where everyone needs to perform to win – YES

Team 11 – Tungsten Creed

After retaining the Indian National Champion in Sneha Srivastav for 23 points – which already feels like day light robbery and bringing back a capable player in Abhishek Dhanuka for a measly 9 points, the team looked to put their remainder of 68 points to good use.

Star Player Grade – B+

Having Sneha Srivastav is a great feat for any team. Having only Sneha Srivastav and looking at her to win the game is not a great thing. I feel they should have spent a bit more and gotten another key player.

Support Grade – A

However, the points that they didn’t use to get a key player were invested in the form of players like Ankit Chowdhury, Arnab Raha, Pritish Sanghani, Kumarial Singh and another female player in Nivedita Sarkar. With Ankit and Kumarial on their way to becoming forces to reckon with in the Indian darting landscape. The addition of the experienced Arnab and their own retained player in Abhishek Dhanuka they have a great support cast that can take on good players and win events when on song as well.

Rotation Grade – A

With Sneha having the option of playing other events – though not necessary because of the make up of the team – they do have an Open Singles player in Ankit and Kumarial. While Abhishek and Arnab make for great pair ups in the Mixed and Open Doubles.

Overall Team Grade – A

Capable of pulling out all events – Check. Flexibility – Not needed actually. Predictable – Yes. Ability to take on the best teams and the best players – Yet to be seen.

Team 12 – Warriors

BDT-1’s Runner Up team – The Warriors – retained their two best performers from the last edition in Ankita Upadhyay at 31 points and Vinamra Garg at 20 points. They needed another star player and if the universe wasn’t kind enough, at least a duo or trio of good supporting players – Let’s see how they fared at the auction.

Star Player Grade – A+

One of India’s best female players – Ankita Upadhyay – Check. Top Ranked Indian darter – Vinamra Garg – Check. Another Indian stalwart just for the fun of it – Vishal Mehta – Check. The best trio in the tournament – Check.

Support Grade – B+

A capable female player in Asha Bosmia plus Sanjeev Ray, Shantanu Das and Rahul Shehi – the team does have a sufficient roster of players to support the key players. Who do they turn to in crucial games though? That’s what we need to see.

Rotation Grade – A+

With the trio of players that they have plus the fact that that Asha can play the Mixed and Ankita can be a force in any of the other events. With Vishal and Vinamra able to play any of the events they want – What else can you ask for?

Overall Team Grade – A

The team will go as far as its stars can take them. This is the other problem when you have too many stars – For the same number of points you’d rather get two good support players instead of one great player – just in case they do not perform. But these three and trusted and proven. The team should do well with them leading the way.


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