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The site is a mashup of Darting News in India and around the world coupled with my own personal blog.

Born in Chennai and raised in Dubai, I’m a third generation kid who got sucked into the sport of darts through pure chance. I have a younger brother who means the world to me and my dad, who taught me the ropes of the game and played a huge role in developing my competitive edge. My mom, who isn’t with us right now, is probably the only reason I still play the game today.

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Got my very own barrels launching soon.. In 22 grams and 24 grams


I’m really glad to say that I have moved onto the 8 Flight system from Target. They are pretty solid, rugged and have borne quite a bit of damage during my testing. They’re class so far.

Flight Type – Shape / Color – Black

Shaft size – 19mm / Type – Spinning / Color – Clear & Black

Want to know more on them? Click the link below..